Memories of Lion

This web photo gallery is in memory of our good friend Lion.
There was a really great Memorial Gathering for Lion on March 15, 2008 in Redondo Beach, CA.

If you have photos or memories of Lion, please upload & share them here. You may add comments to this album (bottom of this page), or certain photos. Lion always loved getting comments on his photos.
Lion kept a ton of photos at
which WILL NEVER EXPIRE. The folks at PBase kindly have given Lion a forever membership. Big Thanks to them for that.
If you have any problems registering, adding an album, entering your album, and adding photos to your album, you can also link to web photos in the comments. Or just email them to Montego!
Lion's earlier photos are at
Richard Kent Nelson of Redondo Beach CA, and formerly of Geneva Il. Obituary is here.

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