Baja Mex Oct 08

18 days of camping, fishing, eating, driving, exploring, and hiking in Baja Mexico... And we didn't break any (important) parts until the 2nd to last day! :-) That would be the trailer's leaf spring, which is sort of major because that's keeps the axle from falling off. I was easily able to patch it up with some short two by fours and tie straps. No problem, and after driving about 600 miles home like that, I quickly replaced both leaf springs.

We crossed the border & got our tourist cards at the sleepy little town of Tecate, and eventually travelled a bit farther south than Loreto. Weather was mostly wonderful, warm to hot. Great weather for shorts, night & day. We were traveling with our friends Brian & Annie. They have been exploring Baja Calif a couple of times years for the past 12+ years, and they were eager to show us their favorite camp spots & hotels. They also know about a hundred of the best places to get fish tacos, so that was fab too. We camped in some amazingly awesome spots, on the beaches, and in the deserts. They like to do a hotel every 4 days or so, so we mixed it up. Good excuse for a dinner out! :-)

Fishing was really great. I caught 3 fish in my first 5 casts from the rocks south of Punta Blanca. Yummy!

One water crossing is the ocean at Playa Coyote beach camp. That cliff side road is under the high tide mark daily. No other way in or out, and we were leaving at high tide. Who knew?

We totally missed the hurricane (by a few days), but it did tear up the roads quite a bit. Many little bridges were gone so we just drove into the wash anyway. Most were already dry, but we did have to cross several very wet washes.

Pic 1180 is some really rough 4x4 wheeling. The roughest we have ever tried with the trailer. That road has not been used in many years. We clawed our way up several miles of scary trail before it became obvious that it actually was, in fact impassible. Nice way to spend the day even so, and we enjoyed it.

We saw so many great little tiny towns, and the people were all so helpful and friendly. No way can I name it all.

Those cave paintings are not on any map, and there are no signs. You just have to know where to find them and hike up the mountain to get there. Brian knew.

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