B2V Baker to Vegas Marathon 2009

Shoeless & Montego worked ham communications support for the Baker to Vegas marathon March 2009 We worked the 'Early Warning' 1-mile out post of Stage 17. (15 miles west of Vegas on hwy 160). Our job was to ID the runners by number and call ahead to everybody at stage 17 so they would have the next runner ready to accept the baton handoff. We got there at 6pm, and worked the 11pm to 7am shift. Once going, the 240 runners came by our post about every 1-3 minutes all night. Busy! So it was an 8 hour drive Saturday to get there, then stand around for a few hours, work all night, sleep 4, then drive hours home Sunday.

Since we did the night shift and were really busy, I didn't get a lot of photos. Shoeless took some, so check back here - I'll try to get a copy of his photos from him.

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