Just some photos of our cat Buddy. Buddy has been missing since Jan 16th. I really hope he is ok, and will find his way home someday. We miss him terribly. We did not seek out a cat 2 years ago, but he found us then, and insisted on living with us. After 2 weeks, we finally let him into the house, and he adopted us and we transformed from a couple into a family. Buddy is a very affectionate cat, with a strong will and an engaged communicator.

2 years and some $3500 dollars in vet bills later, he got lost one January evening and we haven't seen him since. We posted about 70 lost cat signs in the area, and put a lost cat handbill on about 500 houses. We even got wild & hired a psychic "Cat Communicator" who gave us a lot of "reports" of what Buddy was thinking, and the approximate location, but that seemed to be no help. Another psychic sent angels to help Buddy find his way home, but as of March 17, he is still missing. So those helpful folks didn't do any better than the pavement pounding we did ourselves, talking to everybody in the neighborhood, and the next 2 neighborhoods over.

Buddy came home every single day for the past 2 years, and he waited for us at home even when we were gone for 18 days. I know that Buddy would definitely return home is he was able. It's been very difficult to cope with his loss.

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