Anza Borrego
January 2002

I left Friday night and met up with Shaft at Green River. Busstop, Mushroom, Budda Bob, Ten-ball, and John showed up about 8:50. Scarecrow, Lion, Dakota, Mary Pat, Patti, Oreo, Iceman, Rooster and our guests Chris (Uncle Mushroom), Don & Penny were already there waiting for us. We took off down the 91 to the 60 to the 10 and didnąt lose anyone. We stopped in Banning for a bathroom stop and headed down to Dillon road doing about 75. We were moving. After gassing up at what was once Burns Bros. we strolled into camp around 11:15ish. Most everyone was waiting up for us with a campfire going. The next morning brought us a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Before we even left camp Dakota had to have his compressor fixed. We then took off up Grave wash without Uncle Mushroom, he was feeing a little, maybe little isnąt the right word, hung over. We headed up into the mud hills, but wait we couldnąt even get up the first hill without Lion and John being strapped. John was also having a problem getting his hub to lock.

We then headed up one hill then down another and over to some notches. Patti was hearing some weird noise coming from under her jeep. Found out that some poor rock got stuck between her transmission and skid plate. After that we headed over to a flat spot for lunch. But where is John? Oh he popped a bead. After lunch we started up a hill and low and behold Budda has now popped a bead. Andy took us up a hill that was real sandy with a hard right on top. I had to get a little bit of a running start to get up it.

While I was showing Lion and Don & Penny around that hill Dakota broke his lower control arm. No one had a welder with them. Scarecrow said that he would take Dakota back to town to try and find a welder. Well by the time we got going again there was only 6 of us left on the trail. Busstop, Iceman, Rooster, Budda, Shaft, myself, and wait where is 10-ball? He got lost and we had to spend 30 minutes trying to get him back with the group. While we were waiting for 10-ball, I went through some pretty good notches with one tire in the air, then another tire in the air. It was way cool. I told Busstop that we could jeep anywhere but where there were ridges. So where do we go first? Where there were ridges. Thanks Busstop.

We headed into a canyon and found out that there was no way out. Rooster was now in front of me as we headed out of the canyon. When all of a sudden I hear this big Whoosh! and see a cloud of dust coming from Roosterąs right front tire. I said, łWhat the hell was that?˛ He laughs and says, łI popped a bead!˛ I have lost count on how many beads were popped. Rooster fixed his tire and we headed towards camp. But first we, well some of us, went up this hill. You had to go real fast to get through the sandy part, then had to go slow to get over the face of the hill. I didnąt see Busstop go over, but Rooster said no way and went around. Iceman tried three times but just couldnąt make it over the face. He then went around. Budda went over without any problems. Shaft tried and scared me half to death. He tried to go over the face a little bit too fast and saw sky. Iceman came over the top from the other side, stayed on the top and watched 10-ball go over. Iceman came dow

n and I tried to go up. At first I couldnąt get past the sandy part. Iceman said to go a little bit right. I did and went right over! As we headed back to Grave Wash we had one more obstacle to go. We all got out of our Jeeps to take a look. Gary asked if I was okay with it. I told him no problem. He was hoping I was going to say yes, so he didnąt half to go down this rocky, section of the hill that had no guardrails. We got back to camp played some horseshoes and had a great campfire. Told some lies, jokes, drank some beer and such. The next day brought us some chilly weather, but didnąt stop them from going shooting. We also played some more shoes then headed home around 2:00 pm. It was a great weekend for some real four-wheeling! My hats off to the Wagon Master. I wonąt mention anything about someone falling down.


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