Calico Trip Report
Saturday April 29, 2000

Iceman, Koolaid, her son Bradley and Chickenhawk joined the overnight campers early that morning for a "fun-filled" day at Duran Canyon.

Fearless was the Wagon Master and started us all out with long wait as he entered Duran Canyon, he must have the strongest starter motor in the universe. Iceman and Chickenhawk walked right through the "rough spot". Eyore lost points with the wife by bringing her along for the ride and scrunched the passenger panel and now has matching sides to the truck. Casper has matching rear corners thanks to some "evil rocks" and Scarecrow closed his eyes and held his breath and got lucky, with the cayon, not Carol (reportedly).

Thumper got THUMPED BIG TIME by Duran, due to no lockers and everyone helped move rocks and finally he got pulled out by Eyore. Everyone else seemed to make it through without major problems.

Later down the trail, Ten Ball blew one hub and later the other front hub. Montego reportedly got a flat tire. We all stopped for lunch, some of us twice since it took some people longer than others to make it up the trail.

Baker caught some serious air on a step down the trail, the photos should be awesome. Due to Early peaking by our "Fearless" leader. Rhonda did some fantastic trail reading, despite Bob's directions, which by the way everyone could hear. Fearless caught some gravity in the canyon and is still paying with bruises. Out of the canyon, and on to the hill, Chickenhawk challenged Iceman to a "duel". Talk about dust ....I still am getting it out of my ears.

People explore the caves and mines, found the 19th hole putting green set up by other explorers and all had a great day. The dry lake bed found a few jeeps on it doing formations and land speed records.

Sunday was the day at Calico and horseshoe day. Hope all had a great time and are ready to do it again next year.