Guzzler Poem
by Budman
April 26, 1997

What is a guzzler?

They left from Redondo. We left from Downey. We drove up to Barstow to meet at McD's. Montego blew tires, Vic lost his rear brakes. We waited and waited until it got late. Oh Roughwheelers, Roughwheelers where might you be? There was Montego and Rooster and Pappy you bet! Scarecrow and Horsefly and Budman and please don't forget- John "The Mug" Kahnen and Steve our two guests. So we tanked up our bellies, we tanked up our rigs. Oh yeah, by the way! Our friend Steve's last name's Briggs. It was 'bout 11:30 and we really had to go. Down Hwy. 40 to Kelbaker Road. We jumped off the freeway, we drove into camp, this place is ours two days . . . Oh where is my lamp! Some guys turned in early . . . some guys turned in late...some guys stayed up all night . . . I guess they can't wait! The night was so pleasant, with no wind at all. I fell asleep wondering when morning would call.

Then one by one we started to rise. I needed my coffee from all the night lies. We got stuff together, we ate something quick, to get on the road for the guzzlers to fix. We followed 'ol Rooster with nothing to fear. Pappy was copilot. I'm spilling my beer!!! We traveled forever. It was a big mess, if not for John Kahnen's hand-held G.P.S. We found the direction we wanted to go, way over yonder the first water hole! No problems. It's pleasant. I looked at my clock. Budman's BIG Blazer just hit a big rock! The spindle was broken. I knew I was dead. My wheel looked cockeyed I'm scratching my head. Pictures were flashing, embarrassment set it. John said "Don't worry, we'll fix her again!" Two hours later we're back on the road. Fix the one guzzler, had time for one more. All we could do was fix two for the day. Time to head back for horseshoes and Jose.

Critters abound of all sizes and shapes, but didn't see any Mojave Green Sankes!!! Got back to camp, it was late in the day, all that we did was eat, drink, and play. Campfire was glowin' and Pappy was showin' his tater gun blowin' away. Little by little we all hit the sack, knowin' that Sunday we had to head back.

Got up next morning and packed it all up. Got everything in that great gib 'ol truck. Played in a wash before we head out, be back next year there is surely no doubt! This run is fun. You should all make it out. So this is a poem that I have just told doin' the guzzlers off Kelbaker Road.

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