Trip Report - Junkyard Wash Area 1997

'Twas brillig. We had no problem getting there. Rooster, Sierra Bob, Russ, Pappy. and guests Dennis "Ten-ball" and Chris left from Winchell's. We picked up One-eyed Jack, Scarecrow, and Knucklehead at the weigh station on 91S and met Footloose, Iceman and Chickenhawk in camp. When we found it. A new route in, which would have been faster had we not gotten lost and passed the camp, was tried. We blamed somebody but I can't remember who. Probably the BLM. Don't get me started on the BLM.

We awoke Saturday morning to a beautiful day. We realized that this was a "theme run". Condoms. Nancy wore a Trojan sweatshirt, Chris brought his dog Ramsey (who is a damn fine driver) and Rooster, as always was dressed as a Sheik. After the 8:59 drivers meeting, we left camp promptly at 9. We found that every place other than the wash we were camped in was closed by the BLM. Don't get me started on the BLM. Everything that happene thereafter happened within a short distance of camp, all within open territory. Trust me. The BLM was watching us. Don't get me started on the BLM. Since we weren'table to go through Junkyard wash, Keith didn't puncture two tires and break a hub. Hector and Keith in the Chevota didn't give us a half-hour show in the bathtub better than last year's and extricate themselves with the winch. Forged pictures will follow from the same guy who took the photos of OJ wearing Bruno Maglis. When we returned to camp, horseshoes and bullshit flew. Rooster and Keith declined an invitation to go against Russ (Boot) and Pappy. We don't know shy, but we have our suspicions. The campfire was the usual Roughwheelers free-for-all and included firedancing, burning Christmas tree jumping (Knucklehead) and intellectual discussions. Saturday night it rained a little, just enough to keep the dust down.

Sunday morning was beautiful. We again explored the area left open to us by the BLM. Don't get me started on the BLM. Because of closures, we were not able to find a couple of good hills and a dry lake to play on. Knucklehead didn't get stuck on one and dent a corner. Knuck, Pappy, and Sierra Bob did not heave a two-ton rock out of the path of progress. It didn't happen because of the BLM. Don't get me started on the BLM. Oh yeah, Ramsey got a mouse and turned it into a chicken leg. Damn fine driver, that dog.

The trip home was interesting. First, Knuck sliced a tire. If it weren't for the fact that Jack didn't slice two in Junkyard since we weren't there, we'd be getting low on tires. Then Ten-ball threw a fan belt. Wisely, he had brought a spare. Knuck's new gas tank had some trash in it and kept stopping up the filter. Chris developed an oil leak. During the trip, Chris customized his rear bumper on the Bronco, making it into some kind of spoiler or ground effects thing. If it weren't for the BLM, we could have had a great time on our last trip to Junkyard. Sadly, we couldn't have a great time saying bye to an old friend. Don't get me started on the BLM. Goodbye Junkyard Wash.