This is not the real trip report. It was assigned to Todd, but I forgot to remind him and it was dumped on him for the first time, so he forgot. We will put his report in the newsletter next month. In the meantime this is what happened from my viewpoint leaving out enough details for his report to fill in.

We left Wichell's on time Friday night with about 8 Vehicles and kept picking them up until we had about 12 by the time we got there and met Robert, Hector, Todd and Chris. We had our usual first night getting set up and finally to bed around 1PM.

The next day (Saturday) we were all ready to go by 9AM and took off to do the Canyon. Paula rode with me and was good company as always. Through the Canyon we ran into some pretty rough fun spots, but were able to get through them with spotting and directions, although as I recall, after we got past the roughest spots, Montego had to be pulled off a rock or two. We had lunch in the Canyon with some of the most perfect weather we've been in out there. We did have some slight damage to a couple of vehicles (Montego as always, but we don't keep track of his damage anymore since it is so common). Cuddles had a nice groove in his truck, but I can't remember who the other person was that got damaged, maybe Todd will remember and put it in his report.

We got back to camp around 4PM and immediately set up the horseshoes. I know Bob and Keith beat Steve and I right off, but it's a bit foggy about what happened after that except to say that Hector and I ended up the Champs for this trip. The only thing that sticks in my mind is a healthy fear of the playing abilities of the Dynamic Duo (Carol and Diane). Although they are only women, they could, with a little luck, cause problems in the horseshoe ranks. That night we cooked around the fire and had good times and got to tell some of our old tired jokes because new people Bruce and Nancy were with us.

The next day (Sunday) we spent going around to some of the other canyons in the area and looking at some of the neat formations that water has formed over the years. As we came out of the canyon area, we spotted some water spouts out on Salton Sea. I've been out there many times before and never had noticed them, although it seems they are common. We followed the edge of the Aqueduct around and Bob and Keith tried to get their jeeps up on the tracks for a while as we worked our way back down to the main roads to get home. The first thing we did when we hit Indio was find a hamburger place. After that we headed for home with people peeling off as we went by their turnoffs. It turned out to be a great trip with good weather and good friends.