Feb 21-23 1997

We (Kathy, Crissy, Chicken-Hawk, and Iceman) arrived at the Roughwheeler camp about 8:15 AM. I had never seen so many people and Jeeps on a run in all my 18 years as a Roughwheeler. Bob and I could not count that high.

Off we went to the start of the run. A short distance down the road, we missed the turn-off (what's new) and had to do a 180 degree turn at the top of a canyon. We had a spectacular view of the "world." We then went left and around a road and back down into a nice side hill, (between a rock and a hard spot, Polar bare style). We then worked our way up a small hill right smack onto a closed sign (sucks -huh). We took the high road into Last Chance Canyon. There, a group of easy wheelers, came to observe us wheel down the hill. Once we were down in Last Chance, we played on a few rock piles. When we tired of that, the group headed back to camp for lunch. Done with lunch, the club headed to the "Ridge of Death." Once one commits to climbing the hill, there is no stopping, turning or anything until one reaches the top of the ridge. Well, you guessed right. Once we were all moving, some of us were towards the top when trouble struck (deja vu Bob). It seems that one of our "experienced guest" got side hill on the first part of the hill and was in desperate need of HELP. Back down we went to give assistance. We got him back on the trail and decided to head back to camp. Most of our nerves were frayed and we needed a beer. Back at camp we had some fun, started the camp fire and sat back to enjoy the evening. Unfortunately my group had to leave since we were only there for the day. The rest of the trip will be documented by someone else (I hope).