Victor, Steve and I decided that we would meet the club at the Gorman exit instead of driving 40 miles (so Steve says) out of our way. We left at 5:30 a.m. and meet Victor on the 5 freeway and Beach Blvd. We made pretty good time and got to Gorman before anyone else. We got gas, since my lead foot was in it, (so Steve says). At about that time the other Roughwheelers got there. We had breakfast while waiting for the Lancaster crew. Victor and Gary decided that we go see the tower first instead of going straight to the creek. We got rolling, sorry I mean moving, down the freeway to the next exit when we lost Hector and Ginny. We saw the Rockcrawlers on the way, some even got confused when we pulled over to wait for Hector & Ginny and pulled over with us. We finally got moving and gave Hector the normal Roughwheelers crap about getting lost before we even got started. We had thirteen vehicles in all, including Lion who had to drive since there were no open seats. He said he had to show us all how to drive. Jim, Cheryl and their baby, plus the dog, Blacky came up with the Lancaster crew. We went to the tower and looked around at the beautiful scenery that was set out before us. Everyone thought the tower was pretty cool. We started down the other side towards the creek when we heard One Eyed on the CB. He found himself a new mine and a Mama bear and her cubs. Since he was alone and no weapon he decided that checking out the mine wouldn't be a good idea. We made it down the hill without any problems and Paula even drove the new jeep on its first run. At least till we got somewhat down the hill that is. We started into the creek, while overhead the sky was getting a little gray. I got to the first tough spot and looked around for a little help. I knew that I could do it since Steve did it last year. Finally Pappy asked me if I knew what line I wanted to take, I told him the right and he said, "Yep." I started up and slide to the left and got Stuck. See I have no problem saying that I got STUCK not like some other people I know. Jim strapped me up and I thought that I would be a nice girl and let Steve drive at least once on this trip. Jim pulled that jeep right off, while Steve steered, without any bumps or scrapes. Henery had a little slippage but made it up without any help. Tumble Weed went the easy way. Everyone started asking when we were going to have lunch, so we stopped and had ourselves a nice little spot with sunshine. I was trying to figure out who would write the trip report when I asked Pappy to pick a number between 1-100. He told Nancy the number and went around to everyone and had them pick a number. Paula almost got out of picking a number, but I wouldn't let that go by. And no I did not even come close to picking his number. But the person who did, I won't men-tion any names (Ginny) said that since she was a passenger she wasn't going to write it. Since I am such a good sport I said that I would write the report. We got to the next tough spot, and what do you know, we had thunder, lighting and big rain drops. Jim almost got a little carried away when told to stop, if he hadn't, he could have put his jeep on it side. Henery wanted to try a different spot than the rest of us, but kept spinning his wheels on the same rock. He finally went up the other way. I was thinking about going the easy way and decided not to. Victor was telling everyone to turn left as soon as we got to the top, we had to turn left as soon as he said or else in the hole we would go, most likely on our side. After about the third or fourth time (I lost count), I was up and Victor was yelling at me to turn left. I did, but a little too fast and hard and almost ran Victor over. He couldn't get his feet to move fast enough. It started pouring at about the time Hector went up. Of course he had to show us all how to do the harder side. Up he walked, grinning the whole time. One Eyed was talking to the Rockcrawlers and telling us that the 4 bangers were going to have a tough time getting up Miller. We spaced the 4 bangers out between the six cylinders. It stopped raining once we got out of the canyon. We got half way up the hill when we ran into Fun In The Sun club. They were having mechanical problems. We finally got passed them after what seemed like a long wait and made it to the top with out any problems. I don't know what the Rockcrawlers were talking about, it didn't seem too tough to me. We finally headed back to town after some of us played on the jeep course. Even Jenafer drove some. We said good bye to everyone and took off. Those of us who take the 5 all the way home left the ones that take the 405. Keith wanted some of our M&M's, so Steve and him passed a jar between them going at 70 MPH. He got his M&M's. It was a great run.

Carol don't call me Cheryl.