This is the unofficial trip report because one was never written for the newsletter. It was the usual Pismo crew, Sandman (aka Bobbo), Fidget, Sean, Flipper, Jafo, Mechanic, Rawmeat, Oreo and Santa Fe (Zeke and Maggie too). No guest appearance by Parts Man this year. What happened??

As usual getting reservations at the last minute always proves to be impossible. So Bobbo gave up his spare reservation for his street legal vehicle to Mechanic and Jafo. The deal included that Sean got to use my jeep to take his driving test up in SLO over the holiday. It was agreed and all were happy. On the way up to Pismo however, Paul was sleeping in the front seat and stretched out and in doing so put his 200 pounds of pressure against the windshield which promptly spider cracked all over the place. I panicked and Paul swore it wasn't him it had to have been a rock. But the glass was pushed outwards so we ruled out that attempt. Oh well, back on the road to Pismo. We set up camp and were joined by Bobbo and crew. Jafo and Mechanic were nowhere to be found. (They showed up the next morning.)

Well, since I did promise Sean he could use my jeep I made the trek into town on a holiday weekend to find a windshield repair place. I got the windshield repaired only to be told to let it sit for four hours minimum and no four wheeling for the weekend... it had to cure. Oh shit, now what...I guess I have to go to Arroyo Grande and go antique shopping. I wandered through shops, crossed an old sway bridge, visited a historic school house and went through the local historic museum. On the way back I found the perfect mirror with an angel on top for our bathroom. Done deal. I was also tasked with finding Caution tape to put around our camp, and found some in a little paint store which also had some real neat stencils (which I promptly also bought). I made it back to camp around dinner. I guess in camp they were off riding quads, sleeping and just plain having fun. (Gee not me! Ha-Ha). Rawmeat had popped the bead on Oreo's quad tire so that was on the agenda for me to fix on Sunday.

Sunday I had rented a quad for Rawmeat and he was gone most of the day. The boys kind of took turns riding. Rawmeat rolled the rent-a-quad so it cost us a small extra fee. Doesn't everything? I spent the afternoon in town again, this time trying to get the quad tire fixed. Oreo is convinced I have a boyfriend in town. I think everyone was pretty lazy over this whole weekend. I remember alot of sleeping going on and not a whole lot of four wheeling. We did go to the stream crossing at night but it was pretty much uneventful. Then we headed to the dunes. I don't see good at night and I was driving Oreo's jeep. I was doing a terrible job and getting stuck so we traded places. I learned I make a terrible passenger. I was white knuckled holding the sissy bar. Yeah, I can admit it.

Monday, Bobbo, Fidget and Sean took the jeep in for the big event ... Sean's Driving Test. The good news is HE PASSED. The bad news is the driving instructor quit after Sean's test. Mechanic and I got to ride the quads for the first time and took off by ourselves. Damn that Banchi goes fast. I need a slower bike. A person could get hurt going that fast!

The Desert Dawgs were also there so we stopped by and visited with them for awhile and Rawmeat played a bit of horseshoes with them.

It was a windy, windy weekend in Pismo, but the trip is always worth it. See you guys out there next year.

~ Santa Fe ~