High Desert 1997

by MMBA (Motor Mouth with a Bad Attitude)

Knucklehead, Tricia (my friend), and I met Scarecrow and Casper on the 91 a little after 7:00 am. Sandy and Krista met us on the 15 around 8:30. We all stopped and got something to eat so Scarecrow could check out the bathrooms. The seven of us finally reached camp around 10:00 am. We all said hi, and Knucklehead and I decided that our trailer should get setup. While trying to get on level ground, he stalled it and could not get it started again. Iceman came over and looked at it and told him it was the circuit breaker. It had blown. Knucklehead and I got the trailer setup, after that we went into town to go to the auto parts store. We got back. Knucklehead went to help in the kitchen, while Tricia, Iceman, Footloose, and I went out and played around in the desert. We were ready to go back to camp and Iceman let Tricia drive and Footloose let me drive. We got back to camp and they told everyone that we could drive better than they could. HA-HA!!! We all ate dinner and had the campfire, the usual Roughwheeler thing before the run.

The club got us the next morning and went on the run. No, people we did not do the usual Achy Breaky , this year we went on El Diablo. This run did not seem rough, but it was very rough. Within the first quarter of the run, Footloose broke and had to go back to camp. He broke the fan on the Land Cruiser. Then not long after Gasman's brake line broke. About halfway through the run, while sitting in rocks, Rooster pops his tire. Right after that we stopped for lunch, we were nearing the end of the run very quickly. We all stopped at the last hill and made sure all the Roughwheelers made it up so we did not lose anybody. By the way, Casper, you should drive more runs. We all got back to camp and a couple people helped Footloose put the fan in his Land Cruiser. After the cruiser was fixed you probably know what time it was. It was time for everyone to have the famous margarita. One-Eyed Jack and Knucklehead were in the kitchen helping with the cooking while something was happening to Rooster. See Terri accidentally poured her margarita all over Rooster. Rooster, let me give you a little advise. Do not sit next to anyone with alcohol in their hands.

Well, dinner finally, and we were not as loud and rowdy as usual, but of course we were in the front of the line. After dinner Tricia and I went to the kitchen to see if we could help, and we both helped. When we were not helping, we were talking to some of the cooks. That night around the campfire it was not the usual Roughwheeler campfire. We had no jokes what so ever this year.

We all got up and went to the games. This is a usual Roughwheeler thing, going together. We went as a club, but we ended up breaking apart before 1:30. Knucklehead, Ten ball, Sally, Tricia, and I all went back to camp. The five of us ate and then we decided that we wanted to go out on a miniature run. So, Iceman, Kathy, Tenball, Tricia, Knucklehead, and I went out in the desert and had fun. When we got back Tricia, Knucklehead, and I went over to the kids games to help. After the kids' games were done Tricia and I went to help with dinner. After dinner the trophies were presented and in the end the club total got 10 trophies and 2 certificates. Then of course, we had the speeches and everything else, and finally it was time for the raffle to begin. We did ok in the raffle, and we only had a few people win things, but that is ok. The raffle ended around 10:20. Tricia and I got back to camp around 11:00. Sunday night was our big campfire making sure there was not any wood left. About 12:50 some committee members came over to our campfire, including Lynn's buddy Matt. Everyone was in bed before I was, and I went to bed around 1:45.

We all got up the next morning, Iceman was the first one to leave, while the rest of us waited for the rest of the Roughwheelers. Tricia and I went and said bye to the cooks. We came back and talked to everyone else, the two of us were not exactly ready to leave yet. Knucklehead, Tricia, and I left around 10:00. We thought the club would meet with us, but the only person we saw and talked to was the Rooster. We got home around 1:30.

This was another fun High Desert, but next year I hope it will be better and we have a lot more people come out. Another thing, hopefully in 1998 Footloose will finish the full High Desert weekend without breaking anything. It was a lot of fun, hope to see all of you again next year.