Run Planning BBQ at Scarecrow & Casper's

October 2000

Oreo and I arrived late as usual, but we were in perfect timing for the run planning. The group (Fearless & Pitstop, Snoopy & Snoopette, Niki, Scarecrow & Casper, Thumper & Lisa, Montego & Weezie, Ten-Ball, Carrie & Casey, Lion, Dakota) had a list of potential run candidates already lined up. All we had to do was help choose and determine the months.

With the table full of chips, salsa, avocado dip, bean dip, veggie platter for feasting we were content. So we got down to the business at hand and we debated and argued and philosophized and finally came up with the perfect run schedule for 2001. Keith made the process a little easier because he sold us CA4WD calendars the night before so when knew when all their events were being held so we could plan ours around them as much as possible. Good job Keith. Mechanic Mary and Jafo showed up in the middle of all the planning and Pappy and Princess showed up just in time to eat. Good thing cuz Pappy's sugar was running a little low and you all know what that means!

With the business of planning the runs all finish, it was time to BBQ. The party had already begun. Scarecrow fired up the spotless BBQ (which he diligently cleaned before we all arrived) and the tables were cleared and cleaned and made ready for the feast of side dishes that people brought. We had pasta salad, Oreo's pinto beans, Carol's homemade breads, crab salad, and I can't remember what else. Everyone feasted!

The firepit was pulled out and the stories started flying. It was Lion's 61st birthday party. Snoopette made a "Surprise Cake" and Carol bought a cake so there were plenty of choices. Even though it was Lion's birthday, he bought all the beer. So thanks Lion! We had all kinds of fireworks and firecrackers going off around the neighborhood. How nice of them to celebrate with us!

Thanks to the Long's for their usual great hospitality!

Santa Fe