Santiago Canyon
Little Rock, CA
September 27-28, 1997

by 10-Ball (Dennis Dill)

Santiago Canyon Trip was a day trip for most of the Club, but some of us took the time to make it a weekender. Friday we met at Winchells. There was Joe aka Tumbleweed, Paula, Chris aka Roadkill, Shane, Ramsey and me. We left Winchells around 8:00 pm after a short driver's meeting just to see which way to go. We got to camp around 10:30. It was windy and a bit cool. Setup camp. . . had a few beers . . . then turned in.

Saturday, Joe and Paula picked up camp and we all headed down to the canyon around 11:30. We can hear the rest of the Club up in the hills. Finally they show up around 12:30ish. Had lunch then headed into the canyon. There was 13 of us, 2 of them were guests (Frank and Guy). It didn't take long before the first hold up. Patti needed a little assistance, so we sent out the road crew to put down some rocks. Then she finally made it through. But the second hard part she got hung up again. This time was strap time. We traveled ok but Patti got hung up again, this time strapped but popped a bead on the tire. Then Fearless had a charging problem. This time Carol (Casper) to the rescue. Then we traveled on and Patti again popped the bead and Roadkill again came to the rescue with his Quickair. Reset the bead. Then we traveled on and finally made it to the end and the gate was closed. So we made our own way out.

Eleven of you went home. Roadkill, Shane, Ramsey and I tried to make it back to camp. Gate to Little Rock was closed so we headed to town to get gas for the trucks and us. Luckily I had a map of the area and found a way back to our camp. After 1 1/2 hours we made it back to our camp, around 9:30 pm.

Sunday we picked up camp and headed towards home. But before we decided to play a little. So we found a little hill to play on. After a few times up the hill Chris got sideways on the hill. This time my turn to strap Chris. Then we headed home. So after all did we make a mark on Santiago Canyon or did it make a mark on us?

Ten Ball

Cupcake (Nancy) showing off her fine driving skills in Santiago Canyon.