13th Annual Toy Drive


West Cost 4 Wheel Drive Club and the U.S. Marine Corps sponsored the 13th Annual Toy Drive in Orange County. The Roughwheelers joined in the festivities with six vehicles present: Pappy and Cupcake, Knucklehead and Lyn, 10-Ball, Scarecrow and Casper, Santa Fe and Rawmeat, and One Eyed Jack, Sandy, Krista, and Sandy's sister. Our club went in with the Dirt Devils for attendance since One Eyed Jack has dual membership.

We paraded through the streets of Orange County from the City Mall to Santa Ana River Lakes. (We even crossed some railroad tracks and the Toyota didn't stop this time. Probably because it didn't hear a whistle.) Almost all the vehicles were decorated and all the participants were in the proper festive mood. Cupcakes design and Pappy's engineering for decorating their jeep as the "Little Engine That Could" took honorable mention. We want the whole club to participate next year so that we can get best club decoration. We've already got the ideas lined up.

Since our club exists for food we all took turns making detours on the run to pick up food. Somehow Keith didn't get fed. He was too busy blowing up balloons for the kids.

The objective was toys and toys it was. A total of 665 toys were collected for a good cause. Plenty of raffle tickets were sold and lots of prizes won. Our club took home two prizes. Knucklehead won a coil (I think) and One Eyed Jack won some or other. Since it was parts and I'm not the parts expert I don't have those details. I was hoping for the ARB (not the part but the rep). But there were no more winners from our club. Of course it rained, but what the heck, a little rain never stopped the Roughwheelers.

See ya all next year!!!!

Santa Fe