Vehicle Check 1997

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Mr. Hughes. The Vehicle Check of 1997 went off without a hitch. Casper, Knuckelhead and I took off from Orange about 6:30 am to meet Santa Fe and her son Rawmeat at Golden Valley offramp off the 14 fwy. I wanted to tow the Jeep up to see how it would do. So after some bumper modifications and working on the Jeep till midnight the night before, it was ready to flat tow,and it towed just fine, a little slow (molasses) but fine. I thought we would never get to Bob's. With breakfast stops for Rawmeat and pee stops for me, we finely got to Tehachapipipipipipipi. Did I mention I had to go pee? Pappy, Nancy, and the great Montego were already there. I started to put the Jeep back together (sure is a lot of work to tow a jeep) to pull it up for inspection. Pappy must have been waiting all day for me because he picked my Jeep apart with a fine tooth comb, and all he could find wrong was a two week old air filter. Sorry Pappy maybe next year !

Well by then Boot and Klan, Bag Lady and Lion showed up, by then the horse shoes were fly'n and so was the testosterone, so Boot and myself teamed up to show these guys how it was done. And we did ! Went the whole afternoon undefeated, we would have even beat the Rooster/Knuckelhead team, we were so hot! (editor's note: bold talk since they had no competition.)

While shoes were fly'n (beers/tequila also ) Casper wanted to mow Bob's yard, so she jumped on uncle Bob's riding lawnmower and took off! I was not paying much attention till everybody started yelling, to no surprise to me at all I see Casper side hill on the mower and a wheel in the air , she almost rolled the lawn mower! Bob was trying not to have his jeep inspected, so Casper decided to drive his Jeep up to the vehicle check area. Now of course Pappy had to get in on the act and have her drive it up the hill and over the curb onto the street. Hector and Ginny showed up just in time to have dinner. Iceman was also there and maybe a few more that I may have forgotten, sorry. Now it was getting later on in the day and the group was ready to eat., (Pappy was getting grumpy) so the bbq was fired up, what a turn out all kinds of good food and garlic and more garlic, do I have to mention who brought the garlic ? And a keg of wine, and more tequila. Bob and I were laughing at how drunk every body was getting (never will ya see Bob or me drunk ) all in all it was a great time at the Hughes retirement home! Thanks to Rhonda and Bob for their wonderful hospitality they offered all of us. Hope to see you there next year .


(outstanding in his field, shaking his straw)