We left at 5:43AM to meet Knuckle Head and his brother Bill. Where they weren't even ready yet. We got on the road and met the rest of the gang at the 91 and scales. We got all the way to the truck stop where Joe had to go to the bathroom so bad that he took off ahead of us. We pulled into Yucca about 8:30 and met Footloose, Jenny, Bob Baker and Fred. Now Joe wasn't the only one with a Toyota. Craig brought along his nephew Chris, he fit right in. One Eyed Jack mentioned something about who was going to do the trip report. They decided that we would pull cards. Lowest card has the duty. I knew even before we pulled cards I should have said that I would do it. I pulled the same card TWICE!

About an hour into the dirt road One Eyed Jack lost his dune flag and had to go back and look for it. No luck. Scarecrow let me drive from that point on till we got home. Can you believe it, he let me drive the whole trip. I just asked for a little while. Well actually whined. There wasn't any tough stuff yet, but Bob Baker, One Eyed Jack, and Knuckle Head got lost before lunch. Of course someone wasn't looking in the rearview mirror. This was one of the duster trips I have been on. I had my face mask and Jenny had her goggles, so we were set. We reached the John Bull trail and had to wait a while for a couple of stock Suzuki's to come down the mountain. Hey Montego, thinking of you!

After about 1/2 hour we got going. I got to one stop where I decided to hit the pumpkin. Not just come down on it, but hit it straight on. Oops! We got up to the one tough spot and right in the middle of the trail was a guy broke down and looking for a part. We finally got done with the John Bull Run and had to find an out for Bob and Fred. Bob you should have stayed the next day was a hell of a lot better. After that we had to drive around looking for a place to camp. Since we couldn't have a camp fire we sat around a lantern. We sat around the lantern telling jokes and eating my home made chocolate chip cookies. Craig had the best joke of them all, The Piccolo Man. We were all ready to go the next day when Gasman lived up to his name and spotted a leak in our jeep. Scarecrow had to change the fuel filter and hose. Thanks to Gasman for having the parts. We got going and got to the first hill with some holes in it. Joe and Paula almost went head over truckbed on this one. Of course when it was my turn, Rooster told everyone to step back. No problem! They thought I would need a pull up this one. I fooled them.

The next hill was a littler tougher for me. I started up, went back, started up again, went back again. Scarecrow decided it would be better if he got out so I could listen to someone else tell me how to get up the hill. I was a little sideways at this point, but Rooster told me how to straighten it out. After I got done with my nervous laughter I started back up with a little bit of coaching from One Eyed. The next real tough spot was where you either had to go over some big rocks or go a little bit side hill before some more big rocks. I hate side hills! Any type of side hills! But I had no choice, I had to go over the side !!!!. I watched Joe go and it didn't look too bad, but it felt much worse inside. This was where Joe received another dent because of Scarecrow not watching all four wheels. Sorry Joe! There were some more hills to conquer after this, but no one had any problems. At the end of this trail was a rock driveway. I didn't get stuck and Scarecrow didn't have to get out to have someone to tell me where to go. I pretty much did this one on my own We had lunch on our way to Deep Creek. Joe got HIGH CENTERED at this point. He claims that since he wasn't strapped up and was moved by hand power, that he wasn't actually STUCK, but delayed! Sorry Joe but you were STUCK. A big Suburban asked us if we could watch him come down this spot, just in case. He had no problem They took the rocks out of Deep Creek so there were no more tuff spots after that. We took it slow going home after we got down the mountain because One Eyed had a gear oil leak. It was a great run especially for me since I got to drive the whole trip and Scarecrow got teased the whole time about how he should let me drive all the time since I am a better driver! Thanks Scarecrow!

Carol (don't Call me Cheryl)