Big Bear Trip Report
September 2000

Big Bear run runners included Lion, Louise, Montego, Boot, Terry, Dennis, Dave, Bob Baker, guest Tom, Patti, Oreo, Casper, Scare Crow, Fearless. About 10 vehicles. Pappy made a guest appearance on Saturday.

Camped at an official campground south of Hesperia in light drizzle. Arrived at 1130 PM to set up tents in a really nice & empty camp site with toilets. Forest ranger collected the fees in morning, not that we would have left without paying. Yeah right. $8 for one vehicle and $13 for two. Should have probably asked about a group rate, duh

Drivers meeting Saturday morning and at exactly 9 am we proceeded to Silverwood Lake. Great weather, just right, not too cold or hot, near puuurefect. Aired down in the presence of a BFH (big f*. hill). Lion made some serious attempts, getting a few tires in the air to entertain us. Not wanting to be dragged (must be a private thing) he eventually decide to take the B route. We didn't see him till lunch and then only after extensive CB coordination. Next time we use the strap (not a private thing). This was a new trail that Fearless led us too. We found out that it was pretty good trail at that. We came upon this hill, well actually three hills with one by-pass. Fearless took the by-pass while Casper went up the middle hill. At the top is a step, up and over she went. Scarecrow next, no problems there. Oreo came up third. Well almost! He got up a little bit past the step and couldn't go no more. Scarecrow turned around and had Oreo hook his winch up to him. After Oreo got himself winched up, Baker came up, no stuckie. Montego had some problems though, even with all his new equipment, (gears, airlockers). Who knew.

We eventually arrived at the Deep Creek road and ran into East Clintwood, I mean Pappy. He was all decked out with guns and belts of ammo and that mean eye look, a force to reckon with. So much for open house. The Deep Creek crossing included a rock garden on the other side, like BFR (big f*. rocks). It was more challenging than we thought cause of the wet tires and loose sand. Unconfirmed reports that the Dennis & Mr. Forrest Ranger had a little talk about leaking oil, naw, Dennis's jeep don't leak!

Oreo had carburetor problems and got to try out his new winch twice. Me thinks he got stuck on purpose so he could use that winch. Boot convince Oreo to buy his old carb/manifold. Oreo quotes: Good sell job. Hit a man when he's down!!! HA

Several difficult areas required some spotting and Casper did an outstanding job of guiding a few of us over the boulders. All of us finally got through the most difficult spot and thoughts of getting into camp at a reasonable time were envisioned. Just about then, a CB call went out about a jeep rollover. Parts, engine, wheels, doors, more parts. It was not to be. The jeep had rolled onto its side while backing down from a boulder and the family was ok (2 kids plus mom & dad). Pappy used his wrench to upright the jeep. Pappy & Scarecrow kept eyeballing all those jeep parts though. Nurse Patti put a splint on the guy's possibly broken finger, great job Patti. Oil & trash were everywhere.

Finally arrived at Crab Flats and the campground supervisor had apparently departed for warmer weather. Fees were not required, not that we would have left without paying. Several other parties had fires going so the Roughwheelers got one going too. Not one of those big ones but big enough to encourage stories & lies. Fearless tells the same joke every time and always catches a few (you have to be there to hear it). Some wannabe jeepers in a 2000 TJ with 35 psi who joined us on the trail, got the drunkest (potential members, still no tent movement by late morning).

(Boot headed for home) Bob Baker writes:
We started out with 11 vehicles, 1 less because you guys didn't come along. Dennis started out lame, with the rear drive shaft out because his rear locker was making bad noises. When we got to the rock garden at the begging of the Holcomb Valley trail, Dennis had to put the drive shaft back in. The trails was beautiful as well as challenging. We progressed along the mostly narrow route without any problems. Dakota in the red Grand Cherokee was awesome and had very little problems in the tough spots. Montego lost a tire along the way and we had to stop while he changed it. We went by a beaver dam but we didn't see no stinking beavers. At one narrow point, we came head to head with a group of mostly Toyotas with no place to pass. After a quick survey, it was determined that we had more guns, so the Toyotas had to back down a hill into a creek and allowed us to pass. We got to the end of the Holcomb trail about 2:30. We decide to head out through Hesperia, but soon discovered that the road out north was closed because of the thunder storms about a month ago. While the ranger admitted that we could probably make it through, he wouldn't open the gate. We turned around and headed home through Fawnskin

Additional note about 10 Balls shaft (driveshaft): Ten Ball took off his rear drive shaft several times Sunday, because his rear end kept clanking & popping. He drove the freeway home on just front wheel drive, then the front end over heated, so we pulled off the freeway while he poured water on the front differential for a while. It had plenty of oil (unlike the rear) and so after letting it cool off, he drove home ok on it. (there must be a special award for breaking down on every run)

Special thanks to inputs from fellow RW's. My trusty navigator was sleeping most of the time and I went brain dead. Casper suggested and I agree that the handle of "Sleepy" be assigned to Terry..


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