We woke up to a beautiful glorious day on Sunday. Boot & Terri decided to go looking for cabins to buy, while the rest of us went 4-wheeling. We started out on the Holcom Valley trail where the first thing we hit was a rock garden. Pretty nice one at that. Dennis had hook his front drive shaft back up before he started up the rock garden, since he broke his rear spider gears on Saturday. Everyone made it thru that pretty easy including Oreo. I seem to recall that Tom (Dakota) bumped into Steve. I helped guide Lion through.

After the rock garden the trail was pretty much dirt road with some ruts and a few missed placed rocks. All of a sudden we hear, "Bob can you please hold up we got a flat" says Louise. So Montego fixes his flat. While Montego was fixing his flat Fearless' jeep popped out of first gear, was rolling backward into Baker's jeep, Baker jumps between the two to "slow it down so it wouldn't hit so hard". Well it made a hell of a noise. No damage to Baker's jeep, but Fearless lost some gas in his gas can along with a nice dent.

We meet a small group of Suzki's, went around them. The next spot we came to was the infamous spot that you must go around a rock then start up where the road has been washed away, I remember coming down that spot in the rain and it was pretty off camber, this time we were going up. Fearless tried to scare me & make me feel nervous, it almost worked. ....but it was nothing. The next hard spot was another rock garden. There were several lines that you could take. Fearless took one way then stopped. He couldn't see the other side and decided to go a different way. Baker went another way, a little too off camber for me, so I went another way. Up over the rocks and down. Tom was the only one that went my way. Everyone else went the way Baker went. No one got stuck or broke anything.

We had lunch. I think most of use were figuring that we would be out on the highway by then, so some of us either didn't have bread or meat. Remember we are Roughwheeler's we don't share anything! A club past us going the other way while another group was coming up behind us. We quickly packed up lunch to get in front of them. We started off looking for beaver dams & beaver, none seen. Next thing we now there is a Tacoma truck club coming up one way we are going the opposite way. There was no way we could pass each other on this part of the trail. Well the Tacoma club had to back down a hill around a big boulder, which is about a 3 point turn for them. We finally got done with the trail and aired up. Montego got new air to go along with his new Arb's and gears.

We decided that we would follow Fearless out to the 15 going down the 18......We got to one point in the trail and the gate was closed. Mr. Policeman wouldn't open the gate for us. He said, "You guys could get through but the general public can't. The road has been washed away some." We past alot of flat squirrels, it was not a good day for squirrels. So we turn around said good-bye to Fearless at the road and headed down 330. We didn't need any straps or winches today. All in all it was a great weekend with some great 4-wheeling. After we said good-bye to the group, Dennis then broke his front locker. Poor Dennis. Him, Lion & Dakota ended up taking side streets the rest of the way home.