MARCH 27, 1998

The Calico run consisted of 16 vehicles: Pappy and Cupcake ( Wrangler), Santa Fe and Rawmeat (Toyota pickup), Iceman ( CJ7), Gadgetman and Rascal ( CJ5), Sandman and Fidget (CJ7), Boot and Terri (Wrangler), Knucklehead and Little Brother Joe (CJ7), Roadkill and Brian (Bronco), guest Leonard and Alexis (we think) (Toyota Landcruiser), Montego and Louise (TJ), Casper and Scarecrow (Wrangler), Fearless and Rhonda (CJ7), Rooster (Wrangler), Tenball (CJ7), Lauren and Inky (Wrangler) and Oreo (Wrangler).

Left Winchell's at the usual 8:00 and hooked up with Casper, Scarecrow, and Knucklehead at Greenvalley, then with Sandman, Fidget and Rooster at Barstow. Driving out was really bad due to the rain. Hit camp at 11:30 and everyone went to sleep really fast. Just as well since we had rain and winds most of the night.

Saturday morning we had hail before pulling out of camp and then headed down a canyon, but I had a slight problem with my stickshift and had trouble getting into 4-wheel drive. After a short while Rooster decided to take off the steering rod support for another delay. Finally we found a canyon where we couldn't go any further without climbing ropes like the people we encountered. We checked out the mine and then got directions to some canyon from the rock climbers. We took our lunch break and had to wait on Rawmeat and Joe to return from exploring another mine site. After lunch we finally made it to another nameless canyon. Slowly, one by one we crawled through the canyon. Leonard after receiving many directions from various people chose his own line and did a Technical Roll Over (TRO). Santa Fe got to drive Knucklehead's jeep through this part and had a great time. Knucklehead drove the Toyota through. We had many reports of Knucklehead almost rolling the truck, but it ended up only being fishtailed. We headed back to camp for dinner and the usual Roughwheeler Fire. Campfire was nice and big (Thanks to those who brought the wood). There was a fire surfing contest and alot of Tequila, tequila, lots of laughs and alot of jokes. We sacrificed two of the ladies in order to get good weather for the next day. That is, Cupcake and Lauren left and went home for the night fearing the predicted cold. It was really cold, cold enough for frost or snow on the windshields.

We woke up Sunday to a beautiful day with fluffy clouds in the sky. We all had breakfast and headed out to another canyon (maybe Duran) not quite sure of the name. There were a couple of vehicles lined up. First Pappy, then Rooster, then Casper, Tenball and then Montego. Pappy, Rooster made it up over the 3-4 ft high rock embankment, followed by Casper and a TRO but she finally made it up on her own without any straps. Tenball broke the time record of Duran Canyon and Montego decided to dent left bumper. Doesn't matter what he drives, he is still Montego.

After that we headed for Calico Ghost Town to play horseshoes, drink beers, eat pizza and in some cases find a wife!!! For those of you who weren't there I got married to Calamity Jane thanks to my best man Pappy in his purple jacket! We stayed and played some more horseshoes and drank some more beer and had a really great time. We finally decided to head home but only got as far as the dry lake bed.

We played in the mud hole at the dry lake bed but I couldn't play any longer because I broke my rear drive shaft. Thanks to Bogart Engineering I was able to plug my transfer case with a Plugs-It and I was able to drive home in front wheel drive.

On the ride home, we lost Montego right from the start of leaving the gas station. While waiting for him, Knucklehead decided to do some hill climbing on the side of the highway and almost go stuck because he forgot to lock-up. Montego finally caught up with us and we got back on the road home.