October 1999

by Diane Lamori

Bobbo and I left Simi Valley at 7:40pm. Late as usual. We had a very enjoyable drive to Barstow (for reasons I can't disclose). We arrived at Micky D's at 10:00pm. I went for a 10-100 while Bobbo listened to the CB. He heard Rooster contacting camp while he was on Calico road. The group from Winchels was lead by Pappy and Cupcake and arrived at Micky D's about 10:50, after gassing up. There was Oreo and Santa Fe, Montego and Weezy, guests Chevy John and CJ7 Randy. We left Barstow and got to camp about midnight where Scarescrow and Casper, Bob and Ronda, Knucklhead, Lee-on, Dennis and Rooster. We all set up our camps and went to bed.

Bright and early (anything before 10:00am) Bobbo and I woke up to find most of the group just about ready and a couple of late arrivals (or early, depending on how you see things): Big Top Bob and Iceman. Well, I thought leave time was 10:00am but to my surprise, it was 9:00am (sorry Montego and Louise). After a short drivers meeting, we were on our way. Down to the sign 9A, up and over a couple of hills, down a waterfall and into "The Notch". An hour later, Bobbo was turned around and heading up the water fall. But not before he got some damage to the drivers side door and hard top. Needless to say, he was not happy. We went back to camp to drop off the window that popped out. So we went back up to lead the group and had another false start. Dennis was having Jeep trouble So some of us started to drink early (Ronda)

So about 11:00am, we started the run. We drove up and down and around for a couple of hours with no major problems (sigh). Bobbo found some mine tunnels to break for lunch. Fearless parked his Jeep in a large opening, were we all had lunch. It was so hot but the mines were nice and cool. Keith, Dennis and Bobbo went into the maze of mines, not to be seen for a while. The rest of the group got antsy, so they packed up and Fearless lead them to Duran Canyon. While I waited for the little boys to get back. They came out of the mines about a mile from the entrance. They said it was great!!! Keith and us caught up with the group going through Duran Canyon. Bobbo and Oreo walked ahead toward the hard spot of Duran Canyon to watch everyone go though. So when the line started moving, Santa Fe and I drove Oreo and Bobbo's Jeeps down the canyon. Oh I had the scare of my life (I haven't driven off road for about a year). I don't think Duran Canyon is the place to start. Cupcake was so scared for me, she got sick (heat stroke) and Ronda too. I'm glad they were ok later.

After that, back to camp. Rooster and Fearless started the camp fire for cooking. Joe informed Rooster that the Roughwheelers are all "Pricks" when it comes to sitting around the campfire (well, If that's how you really feel?!). From then on, it was Rooster's night. A little drink, a little talk A lotta drink, a lotta talk. The campfire was active 'till about 1:00am. Rooster let everyone know how much he cares. He picked on everyone - one by one.

Hey Rooster "I'm so f***ed up" or "I'm sooo sorry! - Does any of this sound familiar?

We weren't sure what was to happen Sunday morning. The group decided it was to hot to do any four-wheeling. So about 9:30a, a few at a time started to leave to go to Calico Ghost Town. By 10:00a all that was left was Rooster, Bobbo and I (Rooster still wasn't feeling too good). About 11:45a Rooster started to pack-up ( the excedrin must have helped). Bobbo and I left about 12:15p. I had a great time, I now want my jeep fixed more than ever!!!! I don't have a hard top or doors to mess up ( that is a good thing). Bobbo is feeling better ( that's a goood thing too!).