Another Roughwheeler Chick Run

Sunday, May 2nd 1999

Oreo organized another impromptu chick run (with a few token males). This time it was to Gorman so I could test out the new gears. We actually got on the road by 9:15 or so. The group included Scarecrow (the Bitch) in his new lifted TJ, Casper in HER jeep with Trail Princess as passenger, Knucklehead, Cupcake in her Cherokee with Pappy as passenger, and me, Santa Fe with Oreo riding as passenger. Scarecrow and I had a little race uphill on the freeway. Just a little honest TJ competition.

We toyed around the OHV training course for a bit and then ventured off to the Miller Jeep Trail. The day started off cloudy and a little chilly, but it progressed into a beautiful sunny day perfect for four-wheeling.

Several other clubs must have had the same idea we did because the trail was full of jeepers. The only problem was we were going down the trail and they were all coming up it. So on several occasions we had to pull over and let them pass.

The Miller Jeep Trail was a perfect test run. Instead of hitting the gas to get up and over the rocks like in the Toyota, I got to crawl up and over. What a pleasure to drive a real jeep!! Cupcake maneuvered her stock Cherokee and did a really great job. No need for a tow strap for this tough chick. Pappy was threatened with expulsion from the vehicle several times (do I hear back-seat driver?) but he managed to retain his seat. Scarecrow and Casper were given a new nickname on this run, Mr. and Mrs. Low Gear. Casper kept asking Scarecrow what gear he was in.

We finally made it to the creek at the bottom. The water was glistening and beckoning so some of us even took a little swim. And then it was time to turn-around and head back. We decided to go up the way we had just come down. So we spent the later part of the afternoon going up the trail. Gotta love those new gears!

Some of us stopped for dinner at Lyons Ave (had to feed Pappy quick), then again, the rest of us were getting a little cranky too and some headed on home. Everyone was trying to eat Cupcake's soup so she finally gave it up to Trail Princess who devoured it. I even dared Trail Princess a $1 to lick the bowl and she did. I thought Cupcake was going to kill us.

All in all, another great Roughwheeler run!

Santa Fe