Dumont Dunes
March 1999

Friday is finally here!! But are we ready? No!!! But don't worry cause Bobbo has a solution. He'll just be sick so he can leave work early and go home to pack. I guess things always work out. We left the house at about 7:30 with Bobbo, Sean and his friend John in the truck pulling the Jeep trailer ( which now has two quads and a dirt bike) and me and Debra driving the Jeep. As far as we knew there was no one leaving Winchells at 8:00 pm, but we stopped in Barstow just to check. We arrived at Dumont Dunes at about 1:00 am. Cutri was the only one still awake, he was setting up his camp. All snug in their beds were, Iceman and his dog CJ, Rooster, Jerry, Nancy (she missed Pappy , but don't tell him), Santa Fe and Oreo, Casper and Scarecrow (with his NEW TJ Wrangler) and Knucklehead.

Saturday morning I woke up from the constant noise of Bobbo and Debra, they were hungry!!! As they finished all but the last little powdered donut, Sean and John arrived back to camp after their early morning ride, time to refuel. It was now about 8:15 am. The rest of the camp all looked like they were up and about. The day's run started at about 9:00am. Up and over the first hill and into the sand dunes we go. The first one to get stuck was Scarecrow, but why not , he was only driving his NEW 1999 JEEP TJ. STOCK. It didn't take him long to get used to the dunes. Casper was doing great till she followed Rooster up a sand dune, had to turn around and got sidehill. Iceman to the rescue, he stood on the upside of the jeep while Casper drove down (this was all to familiar to Nancy). While this was going on, Debra's little quad died and never came back to life. Bobbo had to tow her back to camp. The rest of us stayed and played in the same area. I was riding with Santa Fe while she practiced shooting the dunes. Oreo and Knucklehead took turns riding Oreo's Banshee. Knucklehead flipped over while on one of the taller dunes, but luckily only knocked off the dune flag. Now the group is all together again, we decided to head over to competition hill. Then Santa Fe calls on the CB that Sean is out of gas, Bobbo said that's impossible he had a full tank when we left. So we go back to find Patty and find out it is Sean's friend John who has a YZ 80 Yamaha motorcycle who is out of gas. So Iceman takes over and leads the group to competition hill, while Bobbo takes the boys back to camp for gas and Patti , Debra and I stay with the quad and dirt bike. We re-group with them later back at camp for lunch. We rested for about 2 hours , it was hot!!! Patti had made Iceman a birthday cake (she should be the official mom of the club).

Back out to the dunes we go for the afternoon fun. Casper is now a natural at driving in the dunes. But we have to watch out for the old pros . Cutri's jeep popped out of gear at the top of a razor back that slipped in a bowl. Once again Iceman to the rescue, he strapped him and pulled back and down (The boys were having fun). Debra was having fun too. She got to ride with Iceman all afternoon, she said it was better than the rides at Magic Mountain.. At about 5:30 Nancy wasn't feeling to good so we head back to camp to have dinner . The camp fire was great, there was no shortage of wood or trees. The kids went to bed early and the rest of us not much later.

Sean and John set their alarm for 5:30am . They wanted an early start, so they got up and out to the dunes to play they went. Iceman packed up early, and then the rest followed soon. We stayed until about 2:00 to let the boys ride some more.