The Rough Wheeler Reporter

May 1999

RoughWheelers Again Number One Money Maker at High Desert Games

Roughwheelers did it again! ...First place in the money making that is... High Desert games were a sucess with TRW bringing in $171. Thanks to the "wet T-Shirt Gang", Fearless, and ALL members who got TOTALY DUSTED running the game.

Jose Cuervo Pays Visit
Friday afternoon Jose Cuervo and "friends" paid a visit to the campsite and were warmly welcomed by several members of TRW. The "Wet T-Shirt Gang" was formed by Rhonda, Santa Fe, Cupcake (aka Lu-eeeze), Ziplox, and Casper. Pappy tried on a double barrel sling shot stuffed by Scarecrow using socks (now we know why Cupcake has an open account at Frederick's). High beams were shining during day light hours. Rhonda wanted us to "Call one one" and Knucklehead was smooching on everyone.

Margaritaville Visited
Saturday after the run for the day, Toni & Snoppy started mixing the Strawberries and tequilla. Iceman provided the blender, and Chicken Hawk reallowcated the Ruff Rock Run generator, since it was close by & all. When Chef Andy came back to get the generator for dinner, Iceman was utilized for power. By the way, Andy did get a drink out of the deal.


Gale Force Winds Hit Camp
But it doesn't stop TRW. Friday & Saturday afternoons & evenings winds rock campers and stirs up dirt. Events carried on as usual.

The Achey Breaky does a Little More Damage
Reported damages from the Saturday morning run were; Scarecrow ending up with a bent tie rod, Fence Killer (Trail Princess) lost her rear locker, Pappy and Oreo had front ring shackles bend backwards. Chicken Hawk bent a tie rod and lost the steering stabilizer. And Montego did his damage At the Horseshoe Pitching game, he popped the right front tire off the rim.

Barbeque Required "Formal Attire"
Saturday Night barbeque was attended by TRW's dressed in the "Sunday Best" overalls and bandannas. Fearless came to town in his bright red Union suit withthe flap open, cowboyboots and hat. Rhonda forgot her blouse but the blank brassiere withthe overalls and blue bandanna would make and one's Best Dressed list. Casper and Santa Fe were hits with their short dresses and hiking boots. All the men are headed for the cover of GQ in their overalls, hats, and bandannas. And the Grand finale was the "Poison Gas" stickers on all of the rear ends. Jeff FOxworthy would have been proud of this bunch. Photos have been taken and bribes are accepted.


Raffle a Sucess for TRW

Casper won the Warn Winch, and Rooster got himself some "fru stuff". Chicken Hawk snagged a couple of T-shirts and every aduly raffle prize winner got a little bottle of Jose Cuervo from the RoughWheelers. "AND FROM THE ROUGHWHEELERS.....TEQUILA!!!"

Volunteers Recognized
A special mention goes out to One Eye'd Jack for all his hard and selfless work for TRW's and the High Desert Roundup. He set up TRW's campsite, helped cook at the Ruff Rock Run Cafe, run games, and did Trail Boss on Pumpkin Eater. He also did the Cal 4 Wheel Auction. Fantastic Job Keith. The Ruff Rock Run Cafe had more fantastic help; Knucklehead, Oreo and Sandy Grahm. Knucklehead learned how to "do" pancakes and Oreo did a great job on the Ribeye steaks. Thank you. If it weren't for these people we'd of gone hungry.

Winners at the Games
Rooster came in First Place in the Articulation. One Eye's Jack and Jason Bunch were first in the potato Stick race, Strap race and probably several others. Rhonda and Toni won the First for Horseshoe pitch, female. Santa Fe and Paul won 1st place horshoe pitch for couples.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
"Wrong Road" Rooster made it to the top of a ridge and lost the trail, calling out on the radio from the middle of the pack; "We're on the wrong road!" .. Jason only got stuck a few times... Fearless lost the snugtop on the pickup to the wind and stoved in the edge of the roof. It was put back on and is now added to the windshield on the repair list. ... 10 Ball and Chicken Hawk went up a rough wash, that Iceman wouldn't, come to find out that it was NOT part of the trail... Rooster tagged Iceman's girlfriend as "Cool Aid"... Chicken Hawk is on his way to Kosovo, and hopefully he will be back by christmas. Our thoughts and prayers go with him.

Fun was had by all that attended this years's High Desert Roundup. Hope to see everyone at the next Roughwheeler event.

Cool Aid