Volume 1 Issue 1

Heat Wave Strikes Stoddard Valley
Temperatures of up to 107 degrees were reported in the Stoddard Valley area over the weekend of May 26,27,and 28, 2000, but several hundred (foolhardy?) four-wheelers braved the extreme temperatures to enjoy a weekend of fun in the desert. Four-wheel drive vehicles of every type imaginable were there, from box-stock SUVs to fire-breathing V8-powered jeeps, and everything in between. The Roughwheelers IV Wheel Drive club had 20 vehicles there, with 30 members and guests. Not all of them stayed the full 3 days, but some even stayed over until Monday. Roughwheelers Host Horseshoe Game For the third year in a row, the Horseshoe game was a huge success, although not up the standards of prior years. This year we were 20 bucks or so short of making the most money of any game, even though a few of us spent a LOT of money going through the course many, many times. Rhonda and Paul, Rhonda and Toni, Rhonda and Vic, Rhonda and Bob, Rhonda and anybody she could grab. And there was Paul and Patti, Paul and Bob, Paul and anybody. The overall shortfall of money was attributed to the fact that the big contributor of last year broke his Land Cruiser the first time through and dropped out. He vowed to be back next year!

New Raffle Tried - Big Top Has Competition
The raffle this year was held under a huge circus tent, so the cold wind and dust would not be the problem it always was in the past. This year though, for the first time in my memory, there was no wind and no dust and no cold. In fact, it was hot under the Big Top and the sides had to be lifted to get some air in there. All of the Roughwheeler wimps left early Sunday right after dinner to beat the heat and left lots of tickets behind with the die-hards (Oreo, Santa Fe, Butter Butt, Fearless, Pit Stop, Snoopy, Snoopette (Lucy???), Little Lucy, Jason Ground Hog, and 8 Ball. There were lots of good prizes, none of the usual piss-ant stuff, but we won nothing . nada. Zilch.

Guests are Highlight of Event
Several guests were with us this trip, notably Corky and Ruthie Hughes, who must have recently learned to drink beer because they do one hell of a good job of it! In all the world, I don't think there is anyone who can talk longer and louder than Ruthie and still say nothing (well, maybe longer but certainly not louder). Another guest who managed to make quite a pest of herself was Nicki, Toni's daughter. She's OK until she gets near water, then look out. Pretty damn sneaky too, the way she stole my secret weapon and used it against me. Both her and her partner in crime, one Jason character, had best watch their backs next year!!

Roughwheelers Do The David and Goliath Run
Saturday saw most of the group up bright and early and in line for the David and Goliath run. Well, one of us was up early and moving Jeeps. How about it Casper, does all that V-8 power get ya all excited?

The run was held at the usual break-neck Turtle speed on the same trails as in the past, including Tater-Wash. We hit the dreaded big step right off, and went up it reasonably painlessly. Old Molasses made it look tooo easy-jest crawled right up and over. In fact, he made all the rocky spots look easy. The other family vehicle had a little more trouble, a little more scraping noises, a few more rocks, but made it. Which one has the lockers again?? Steve got to be a hero later on when Jason got a little side-hill and wasn't going up (or down) the last hill, the one with the nasty off-camber turn at the top.. Winch worked well. Other than that, and a couple of rocky wash stucks by Big John, Chris, and Montego, it was a pretty uneventful trip.

Two Roughwheelers Do The Pumpkin Eater- One Breaks
Rooster and Gasman decided to do the super -rough Pumpkin Eater trail; Rooster because he's rough and tough and has the world's most expensive suspension system and Gasman because his mommy never taught him no better. Rooster made it through, Gasman made it to the beginning when the Little Jeep That Could -didn't. Seems the spark went out and wouldn't come back. Good guy Overman towed the Little Jeep That Didn't home Saturday night.

Strawberry Margaritas Make Appearance In Camp
For the second year in a row, the Telenkos hosted the strawberry margarita bar after the run Saturday. They were made with fresh strawberries and real Jose- it don't get no better then that!

Roughwheelers Win Gold
The Roughwheelers took a few trophies: Rooster took first in class (long wheel base)at the Articulation Ramp. Rhonda and Toni took first in class at the Horseshoe Throw. Bob and Paul took a third, Patti and Paul took a third,and maybe one more by somebody.

Camp Horseshoe Champion Reigns For One More Year
The reigning Roughwheelers camp horseshoe champion wins again, but not without meeting some stiff competition. The team of Hughes and Raftery took the Overman team once, but it was Rooster and whoever he could get, that reigned supreme from then on.

Roughwheelers Host Best Equipped Game
A new host for the best-equipped game was announced-The Roughwheelers. The first game was held Saturday night after the run and was apparently a success, thanks to the efforts of Carol and her crew, especially the loud-mouth judge.

Bob and Rhonda Hughes
Dave and Toni Telenko
Steve and Carol Long
Montego and Ziplox
Keith and Sandy Graham
Corky and Ruthie Hughes
Vic Simmering
Joey Simmering
Jerry Fischer
Lyn Simmering
Nicki Sullivan
Vic Overman
Ed Bruckner
John Chase
Chris Norris and Family
Patti Raftery and Paul
Orijano Stemberga
Kent Nelson
Dennis Dill
Jason Leach