Hi Desert Roundup 95'

Scarecrow and I met Knuckle Head and Happy Face at their home around 2:15 Friday afternoon. We left their house at 2:30 to meet Montego at the 91 and the Scales. Scales came and went and no Montego. We made great time arriving in camp at 4:30. There was the usual poker playing going on. Rooster made sure he was sitting in the shade so no one could read his cards. Like that really helped. Friday night brought on the Poker run with 100 vehicles. One Eyed Jack rode with Grumpy while Jenafer and I rode with Scarecrow. We were vehicle number 93! It was an easy run with a couple of nice hills. It was harder trying to find the Trinkets! We found Six and ended up getting lost around camp trying to find the end of the line to pull our cards. We didn't even pull a pair. We arrived back at camp around midnight with almost everyone in bed. Lynn and Zookeeper were up and Zookeeper was feeling no pain! Even after he fell over the pile of wood, backwards.
Saturday morning came a bit too early but it was time to get ready for the Achy Braky Run. Fearless roused the rest of the Rough-wheelers out of bed. One Eyed Jack was the first in line and the rest of us followed. We left about 8:30 with 105 vehicles in tow. The first steep hill brought Montego with some sliding but he made it up without a tow (this time)! After the second by pass that we took, left Fidget in sort of a nose in the air feeling. Sandman had to pull her off of the rocky incline at the same time pulling her muffler off. They got back on the trail with a lot more noise but at least she kept going. The second really steep hill left us sliding a bit but Scarecrow did not want to back down. Even though Rooster had no faith in his ability to get the stock Toyota up the hill without a strap. we made it, NO PROBLEM! But Montego just didn't have enough humph to make it up, so he had to go back down. Believe it or not, Fearless got stuck on the next stop! I am pretty sure that someone has a picture of it cause we were all screaming for a camera. Scarecrow took the by pass but decided to go over the biggest rock (that he could have missed by a mile) and put a big 'ol digger in the door. That wasn't the first dent of the trip or the last! Gadgetman also had a hard time with this one, but made it through. The next tough spot was for short wheel base with posi and lockers only. (We went up the hill and became on-lookers). Of course Footloose had the hood up part way through (sure it was to start the com-pressor). Since Knuckle Head was running open he had to almost run over the trail hand to get up the last part of the hill. Montego got stuck even before the trail started and needed help! Everyone else made it through without any problems. About 11:30 we stopped for lunch. You could buy lemonade or cookies if you liked. Gasman was having problems with his clutch and thought he was going to have to go into town to have it fixed. Lady luck was with him and it just needed to cool off. Lunch was short but sweet! We were almost done now. We met Kingfish and Su at this point. They had to go into town to get a tire tube. One Eyed Jack must have had both eyes closed for he was trying to defy gravity, again! Bridget was riding with One Eyed Jack and he didn't know who was screaming the loudest, him or Bridget. The next hill brought us some good laughs. As you can all guess Montego got stuck. It looked like he was going to go end over end over end if he didn't stop. But you all know Montego "let me try to get up this hill" no matter how much he digs in. Sandman came to the rescue again. As Sand-man was trying to pull Montego out some other club people thought it would be a good idea to pass them on the left. Sandman DUSTED them! It was a sight to behold. Montego flying over the back seat, trying to steer and trying to see with all the sand flying. I kept telling Steve that we needed a video camera so we could send the tape to Toyota. It would have made a great commercial! Maybe we get a dent free Toyota out of it. We ended up with the bed shifting that made a dent in the cab and one dent on the lower part of each door. We made it back to camp without any other problems. Most of us took the short route because the horseshoes were calling. Back at camp I had to bribe Rooster with a wine cooler just to let Fidget and I play. So we lost, but we gave it our best. I don't think there was any real champions this time. But I was informed over the phone by Knuckle Head that him and Rooster kicked butt again. Lynn, Rhonda, Zookeeper, Bob Baker, Jenafer, and I decided to play poker. Well at least I tried to play. My mind was too fogged to try to remember how to play HI-LO. That's OK I had Gadgetman's help, for a little while anyway. At least no one busted. Dinner stated at 6:00. Of course we had to live up to the Roughwheelers reputation and be rowdy as hell in line. Rooster kept telling Footloose that his ticket was a child ticket, and kept trying to give him day old steak that had been sitting on the grill all day. He also kept trying to give it to everyone else that had yellow tickets. Little did Footloose know that Rooster's ticket was the same color as his. Dinner was great. (So they tell me. I only ate the salad.) There was more horseshoes and poker playing after that. Mr. Chicken (Rooster) kept trying to get me to give him another Bartels & James but I just told him this was my last one! Knuckle Head volunteered to do the Star Gazing Game. So our club name did get into print. He was hoping the cloud cover would stay but he was out of luck. Scarecrow and I went to bed early that night. But I do know that Lynn, Jerry, Montego, and Jenafer decided to visit other camps. You know that went over real well. They just sort of sat down next to their fire and gave them hell. Hey Montego I hear you were Dancing up a Storm out there. Do you remember?
Sunday brought us a beautiful day without any cloud cover. It was hot on the hill. The potato race was first of course. Even Fidget and I got in on the fun. We didn't win, but I tried to take one of the tires that held the potatoes with us, but they wouldn't let me. Footloose and One Eyed Jack took first. Having the best time of 59 seconds in High Desert history. Kingfish and Wayne took third. Notice they were both driving Toyotas! Next was Blindmans Bluff. We had to wait a long while for this one so everyone went over to the Wet Lap. Jason dumped the clutch so Bridget got soaked. (We all think he did it on purpose). Lynn and I decided to saw some logs. I felt we did great but there was no way that we could best those buff women. Fidget and I tried twice as well, boy was I sore. We also hammered some nails into a board, along with my thumbs. Scarecrow at this time had to change a tire, thanks to a barrel cactus. He tried to blame me for it, but I wasn't allowed to drive yet. He didn't quite have the correct jack. He claims he forgot and left it back at camp. Gasman came to the rescue and let him borrow his Hi Lift Jack. The rest of us just watched or played Wet Lap. Walt and Su walked away with an award in this one. At Blind Mans Bluff Zookeeper drove while Bob Baker gave him directions. They took first in Men's Long Wheel base even after having a 5 second penalty for running over a cone. I tried to give Scarecrow directions but he couldn't remember his right from his left (like I could). I even tried to make up new directions. It was getting late so we headed over to the Balancing Act with everyone else. Rhonda was trying to beat her best time, while Jenafer and I got into line. Scarecrow couldn't see straight by this time. I took first for Women's Long Wheel base while Rhonda won first for Women's Short wheel base. I know that Footloose and One Eyed won for something else but since I wasn't told until Sunday night that I was doing this, I have to go by memory. Sorry if missed anyone that won an award. The kids games stared at 3:00 and all the adults got in on the Desert Drags using the kids wagons. Jenafer took second In the Star Gaze. During the awards Gasman and Mary were trying to leave but he forget to check his gas gage. Lady luck was with him again. Diane happened to have the CB on and heard Gasman calling for help. Sandman towed them into camp. (How many Rough-wheelers does it take to look into a hood of a Jeep?) Most of us were beat after all this, I know I was. We went to bed and all I could think about was this trip report.
Monday, others had already left, then Iceman and Wayne, while Gasman, Mary, Gadgetman, One Eyed, Knuckle Head, Happy Face, Scarecrow and I finished getting ready to leave. We had a nice drive home without any traffic!

Carol don't call me Cheryl