Trip Report on the Mojave Rd Run 01/26-01/28

In Attendance;
Montego & Ziploc, Jafo & Mary, Dakota and Mary1 & 2, Scarecrow & Casper, Chris, Chevy John, Andy & Eric (guests), Bob O W, Thumper, Jer bear & Lynn, Santa fe & Oreo, Lion, Muddloard, aka Alex (guest) I hope that's all???

My guest Alex aka muddloard soon to be known as Feltcher MaCrackin!! Departed Huntington Beach around 7:30 2 gas stops later (damn Toyotas), we made radio contact with Scarecrow who was waiting to meet up with the So Bay departee's on Green Valley rd. About 10 min later they all roared up exchanged greetings pee'ed and off we went.

It was a fairly un eventful drive to Barstow a little rain a little snow and you average California stomp on the brakes on the first sign of moisture drivers.

We rolled into Barstow around 10:30 and met up with Bob O W, gassed up and off we went around 10:45.

We set camp for the night off of I believe was Mule Canyon? Where we camped for Duran Cyn!! Woke up to overcast non-rainy sky's had a quick breakfast coffee and @ 9am a drivers meeting was held. However we had a slight delay Alex aka Muddloard\ Feltcher MaCrackin was dubbed "MY BITCH"!! Was still packing. We headed back toward I 15 then up the FWY to Harvard rd to start our jaunt down the Mojave rd, we did stop for a brief "KODAK MOMENT" only to be buzzed by a BLM plane (Never a when you need one)!!! We entered the Mojave rd around 10:45.

We followed a frontage rd a few miles until we came to a gate opened the gate and off we went with a few hold ups, that being Oreo doing his Fred Sanford imitation I.E. Collecting little bits of junk up and depositing in Johns pick up!! Along the route we were treated to Ziploc reading us history of the Mojave trail and some fun facts, which I found most interesting.

Found ourselves at a camping area near the rail bridge around 11:30 Montego said there were covered tables if we opted to do lunch (since it was starting to rain)? We all voted to continue and play for a while instead. Off we went and hit a couple of water crossings, which seemed to excite Santa Fe to no end, so onward and inward we went into the briny deep! Well now to see if and where me Jeep leaks? None!!! Weeeeee, We all crossed the two dunking tanks and snapped a few pictures, the proceeded down onto the Mojave riverbed to splash in the water and slide in the mud. We called lunch around 12:15 under the Railway Bridge, which provides "ZERO" Shelter from the rain.

After lunch we went off exploring Montego went up to a mine and I tried my hand at up righting a VW bus laying on its side well some one had to try!! We came across some fun little dunes to conquer spending about 30-40 minutes having a real good time.

We arrived at soda dry (yeah right) lake after a few wrong turns and a ton of mud later, only to find the supposed dry lake and road a wet muddy quagmire!!! Bob O W went down to explore 1 road only to find a locked gate and also some very gooey mud, which prompted him to say "hey what does it mean when you turn your wheel full lock and are still going straight"???? SO off we went head in hand to find another route, which we did only because we missed it the first time! So we all got a rock for the travelers pile and off we went. Bob O W and I kinda lagged behind and just because, I went over a puddle, which turned out to be 3 ft deep and sure enough, my distributor got a tad wet!! And cough, cough sputter sputter gag die!! Off come the Uggs on go the crappy shoes a splashing by a speeding Montego (Thanks)!! And off I trudged through the goop to remove and dry my cap along with several camera escorts.. Robert and I went and deposited our rocks and away we went.

With a heavy heart off we went not being able to cross they lake, Mudloard/my bitch/Feltcher MaCrackin offered to attempt the crossing so we could try, but we all agreed against for safety purposes (besides its poor form to sacrifice a guest on his first run). Mudloard/my bitch/Feltcher MaCrackin was running low on petrol so we opted to camp at Razor rd instead of going down to Baker and finding camp in the dark. Scarecrow, Casper (who was cold), Jer-Bear and Lynn, Dakota and the 2 Mary's decided to bail so we said good-bye and wished them a safe journey (wimps).

After a nice hot meal and setting up camp we all headed for the camp fire which Mudloard/my bitch/ Feltcher MaCrackin built, and did a fine job I may add. Unfortunately he was to be our entertainment for the evening. This was a true guy run complete with gas and grossness). Mudloard/my bitch/Feltcher MaCrackin was heard at work being the Picasso of the fire despite the typical RoughWheeler hazing, Alex was quite generous He treated everyone to a case of beer and snacks and I think I speak for all in conveying thank you for your kind generosity. Unfortunately his new handle Feltcher MaCrackin is of poor taste and to disgusting to tell here (see Bob OW). Lion was sure everyone (especially Eric) knows he had broccoli for dinner a few dinks and jokes later it was off to bed.

We were greeted by a picture perfect weather; nothing is more beautiful than the desert on a clear crisp winter morning. We headed off down Razor rd to I 15 to Baker for gas and coffee we headed up KelBaker and back on the Mojave rd we took a detour to the cinder cones and went down a few little used trail so they can be now called used recently. Chevy John headed off down the wash so he could get home to watch super bowl and the rest of us stopped for lunch, Andy tried to climb a small ledge and got hung up on his skid plate so smart ass me tried and once I was up I wondered how to get down!! We broke lunch and started our long trek home with a jump off at Baker for air (Which was scarce all pumps were broken almost), We elected to do route 66 home so off we sped MacCrakin kept pulling off and by Barstow we elected to kill him, but as fate would have it an odd sound came from Jeff's rig so we pulled off to inspect seems he grenaded his transfer case Alex pulled out his tool&emdash;s and him and Jeff went to work.

It was not fixable so we called Iceman, and Hector, but neither could help Alex volunteered his AAA card and got them a tow with them safely on there way we headed home of course MacCrackin little bladder lasted 10 mi before we had to stop hehehe oh well Alex. I want to congratulate Montego and say Well Done for your first Run as Wagon master. A good time was had by all a nice mellow cruise not much wheeling, but it was very beautiful and reminds us how we must fight to keep our desert open.