This report is the result of an aging mind that had to recall events more than a week old because Bob forgot to assign the trip report to anyone, so if I left out something or got it wrong, I'll say to you what he said to me. "Who gives a sh-t"

The run started for me around 2PM on Friday when I met Bob and Rhonda at their house to take off and try to get the keys for the cabin in Big Bear before 5PM. Thanks to the traffic, we stopped at the foot of the hills and had to make arrangements to pick them up after hours. We arrived at the cabin around 6PM and unloaded our stuff and went out to dinner at a Mexican food place we had spotted on the way in. When we returned, Keith showed up and said he had gotten there about 6:15, so we had just missed him. Later on while channel surfing the TV, Walter, Stephanie, and Elan showed up and after a while Cutri, Patti and Paul. The couples took the bedrooms and Keith and I took the couches in the living room.

The next morning (Saturday) Ed and Mary came over from the motel they had stayed in. We all went back to the Mexican place for breakfast. This may have been where Keith's troubles started since he was served last and had to eat faster than he normally does, which is usually faster than normal. We then started out toward the Holcumb Creek area to find snow. The first thing we found was mud and lots of it. After playing in the mud and finally finding some snow, we were getting to the point where we couldn't go forward much further on the trail we were on when Bob asked if anybody else would like to break trail. Keith readily volunteered and moved out into the snow. Finally at one point he seemed to be stuck good and his front wheels were not both turning, so to get the locker to work Bob said "More brake, more brake, more brake". At that point, the hub broke and the pieces flew out and landed at our feet. Too much brake huh? Well, we pulled him out got turned around and went back to town. While Keith looked for another hub and I looked for a car wash to clean the mud off the new Roostermobile so I could see out the mirrors, the rest of the club went and found some more snow. Back at the cabin we had planned on having lasagna, corned beef and cabbage, vegetables and cake, but since it was a little early (about 4:30) we got a little card game going. Around 6:30 we had to stop playing cards to eat because the plates kept getting in the way. After dinner, Keith got major sick. Between moaning and running to the bathroom he didn't do well at cards (definitely not his weekend).

Sunday we went out to breakfast again at a different place and went to find more snow, but Keith decided to go home so he left. While we were following a trail, we came on this truck with nobody around and parked in the middle of the road. He had tried to go up this hill and when he couldn't make it he decided nobody else could so he just left his truck in the middle of the road and went for a walk. Bob went around him and got up further than him, but there was too much snow so we turned around and went back to try another trail. One sad thing has to be mentioned at this point. During a snowball fight that I made every effort to stay out of, Stephanie threw a snowball and broke my favorite sunglasses for which I don't know when I can forgive her. Later on, the new Roostermobile towstrapped a vehicle out of trouble for it's first time (and not the last I'm sure). Just because it was another Wrangler has nothing to do with it. We had decided to go out by way of Hesperia, but we found the gate locked and had to turn around and go back to Fawnskin. At that point we split up, some of us going home by Highway 18 and others choosing Highway38. All in all it was an interesting and fun trip. Sorry for those who missed it.