Friday 30th

Rooster and I arrived at Bob and Rhonda's in my truck around 5:00 PM, and yes I was driving. Sitting down and relaxing were Pappy, Snoopy, Toni, Bob, and Rhonda. We all picked out our dinner for the evening and left around 6:00 PM to have a German feast! Afterwards we went back to the house and setup to play cards. The night was full of gas and whining from Bob. I would say it was just not Bob's night to play cards! Later that evening Keith and family arrived. Also, Chris the new guy.

Saturday 31st

Let the inspections begin, Pappy could not wait to have his jeep inspected. He ordered Rooster to take charge since Rooster is the Vice President. I would say that by mid morning everyone began to show up. There was Lion, Jeff Brown, Nancy, Laren, 8 Ball, (we changed his name this weekend) & many more. Ken and his wife showed up and Ozzie with his wife and a friend. By the way, Jeff Brown showed up in a Toyota land cruiser, watch out Hector, there may be some competition headed your way. New guy John showed up, then Iceman came with Barbara and her kids. Around noon the horse shoe games began.

Fact: The only people who played unbeatable horse shoes this weekend were Rooster and me. Everyone else did their best, but it just wasn't enough. However, I will say that Chris and John Chevy both have an eye for the game. Chris and (can't remember who) teamed up to hand us our only defeat. One game all weekend! For those of you looking for a new partner, talk to Chris or John, they both throw a different style of horse shoe that can be very effective. Here are a few trivia questions:

1. Does anyone know how many horse shoe games were played Saturday and Sunday?
2. How many skunked games were there on Saturday and Sunday?
3. Does anyone know who the skunk winners were? Or the loosers?

Need I say more!

On or around 4:00 PM Saturday we had Birthday cake for Lauren along with some good old fashion Margaritas. Oh, and Montego and Louise decided to come and say hello. I think they were the last ones to arrive. At 6:00 PM the Bar-B-Q began. There was a lot of food! The best baked beans from this side of the Mississippi came from Barbara. The Death by chocolate desert from Toni was to die for! After we all had a wonderful feast and relaxed for a spell, we decided it was time for another card game. While others went to watch movies on TV, Bob watched his money dwindle down as it did the night before. Thanks Bob! After Rooster felt like he could not carry any more of Bob's money, he decided it was time to retire.

Sunday 1st

Most of us went to breakfast in town and returned to play a few more games of horse shoes. Had a few beers, talked trash, and I was told never to return again!

Thanks for the hospitality Bob & Rhonda!