There have been reports that a big storm may hit.

Roughwheeler Emergency Hurricane Preparedness

1. Full gas tank with extra 5 Gallons.

2. Extra ammo.

3. Meet at Bob's

4. Loot 7/11. Beer and Pork rinds.

5. Put the wounded out of their misery. Make sure they have no estate tax problems as a result of excess cash and jewelry on persons.

6. Pick up stranded blondes. Take them to safety in desert.

7. Check safety and security system of Jeep dealer parts department. Take parts to safety if necessary.

8. Run is to Jose Cuervo warehouse.

9. Bring tarps.

10. Remember, if you have to shoot, conserve ammo. If you have any extra .50cal, bring it.

11. Out of respect for any fallen club members, their Jeeps should not be stripped until the motor is cold. Well, at least cool. OK, not until their pulse stops. Don t waste ammo.

12. Remember Roughwheeler rule. WE DON'T SHARE ANYTHING.

13. Bring lots of cash for raffle tickets. There is expected to be a plethora of stuff. A veritable cornucopia of goodies. Spare ammo will be accepted in lieu of cash.

14. Driving tips:

It is easy to get over most cars if you can get a wheel on them. It is hard to get a wheel on a Kenworth.

If the water is shallow , air down. If the water is deep, air up...if it s real deep, air way up.

You can make a snorkel from empty beer cans. You can make empty beer cans by drinking beer from full ones.

BMWs make good winch anchors. Yugos make bad winch anchors but good boat anchors.

You cannot put out an electrical fire by peeing on it. But you might get a thrill.

Don't try to cross a stream if you see large cars or houses over 1000 sf floating by.