Download Jeep Factory Build Sheet from VIN

Jeep Factory Build Sheet PDF

You can find out what engine, extras and optional equipment a Jeep originally came with from the factory with a Build List. It’s almost like reading the original feature list on the window sticker at the Jeep dealership.

Go to this button link, Enter the Jeep VIN, and click the button on that page to download the Build Sheet.
It may appear as if nothing happened, but check your downloads folder – you ought to have a new PDF there that is all about that Jeep!

How to look up VIN from CA License plate

Maybe you know the CA license plate, but you want the VIN. Calif DMV leaks this info if you pretend you want to calculate the taxes on a purchase. You know, Calif get all excited when they think are about to collect cash and they just blurt stuff out. Like the correct VIN.

Fill in the license plate and all fields, but put 99999 for the VIN. Most of the fields don’t matter to us, but you’ll need to enter reasonable data for the form to work. Click the button to “Calculate Fees” and the next page result will include the VIN. Now you can use that VIN to look up the rest of the details about the car. :-)

Another useful free resource is

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Trail Poem April 1983

Here is a scan of the poem Montego read Aug 9, 2019 for the Historian’s report at The Rough Wheelers meeting.

The poem was written by Fearless’s daughters Cheryl & Mel after they were guests on a RoughWheelers trail run in April 1983. I believe Fearless was the WagonMaster & he drove a Toyota FJ40 at the time.

Roughwheelers trail poem – Mel and Cheryl April 1983


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Last Chance Canyon Jan 2019

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