1. Prospective members are required to attend 3 runs & 3 meetings (or 5 runs) before becoming eligible for membership.
  2. We have one run (trip) every month, except in December, when we have our annual Members Only Christmas Bash.
  3. Dates and times of runs are announced at each meeting and in the club newsletter.
  4. A flyer or newsletter prior to each run will have all the details. If you have any questions, call the Wagon Master. He/she will be happy to help.
  5. It is not necessary to notify anyone if you plan to go. Just be at the starting point and be ready to hit the road. If you are meeting us at the jump-off, you should contact the WagonMaster. Occasionally the jump-off point is changed if the Wagon Master doesn’t expect to meet anyone there.
  6. Runs are varied, we try to have all kinds: easy, rough, scenic, mountain, desert, and sand. There’s usually an event on the runs; you’re welcome to participate (and even win).


  1. We usually travel in a caravan, but there’s no obligation. Go on ahead or join the group later if you wish. But sometimes the chosen campsite is unavailable, or the trusty Wagon Master gets lost and can’t find it, so do try to be with the group when we leave the pavement.
  2. There is usually a jump-off point, fairly close to our destination, where we pick up folks coming from different locations, gas up, use the facilities, and grab a bit to eat. To avoid delays, gas up BEFORE eating. When we go, we’re GONE!
  3. On the highway, guests should stay within 1 – 3 vehicles of the Wagon Master, as middle and tail-end vehicles have special responsibilities.
  4. Make sure you always see the vehicle behind you in your review mirror. The only way we can all stay together is for each driver to keep the vehicle behind in sight. This goes for when we are off-road too.
  5. Do not stop on the freeway unless absolutely necessary. If a vehicle pulls off, the following club member will go with him, unless he radios otherwise.
  6. Maintain legal speeds, and do not bunch up.
  7. Monitor Channel 4 on your CB.


  1. Citizen’s Band Channel 4.
  2. Rest stops: boys LEFT, girls RIGHT!!!
  3. When stopped, pull completely OFF the road or trail.
  4. Absolutely NO LITTERING! Pack it in, Pack it out.
  5. No disturbing of livestock or wild animals.
  6. All fires dead out and ashes buried.
  7. No glass, cans, plastic, food, or other pollutants in the campfire.
  8. No shooting in camp. No loaded firearms in camp except in your own vehicle or campsite.
  9. No music in camp. We all have different tastes in music and since we’d never all agree on what we want to hear, radios are to be kept OFF.
  10. Bury your bathroom waste no less than six inches below ground.
  11. Dogs are welcome, but leashed. (At least until they are no longer strangers.)
  12. Meals are generally self-provided, except for an occasional pot-luck or Club Mooch.
  13. Excessive profanity is discouraged.
  14. The vehicle behind you is your responsibility. Do not lose sight of him; if you do, slow down or stop. Radio ahead, if possible.
  15. If you wish to depart from the group notify the Wagon Master when you leave and be sure you get an acknowledgement from the Wagon Master.
  16. The Wagon Master leads the entire run. He’s the one to check with if you have any questions. If he doesn’t have the answer, he’ll direct you to someone who does.
  17. If you feel an area is too difficult for your vehicle or driving experience, let the Wagon Master know that you are going to use another route. We’ll wait. No malicious harassment, embarrassment will be tolerated, but good-natured ribbing is part of the game.
  18. Route markers are rarely used. If we do, ‘TRW’ will be on the sign with specific directions.
  19. Campfire: Some say the best part of the trip is held every evening after supper. Pull up a chair and join in, it usually doesn’t get too rowdy! Bring your favorite libation, & be prepared to share.
  20. You are expected to be completely self-contained and prepared. However, if you run short (and we all do), don’t be afraid to ask around for whatever you need.
  21. If you lose the group, STOP! Yell on the CB if you have one, but do not wander around. We’ll come after you.



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