Tech Support page.

If you have any problems collecting your mail, make sure your account is set up like this:

Email POP Server:
Account: (Yes, the whole email address is your user ID)
SMTP Server: ... on Port 587
APOP is not supported.
is supported, but you will have to accept the certificate.

For more in depth details on setting up your email software, see knowing that whereever that one says "" we will need to use "". Ok? Ok! Otherwise it is pretty much the same.

WEB MAIL To use the WebMail, you can connect to this url;
OR connect securely, with SSL

Login in with your entire email address as the username.

Photo Gallery help for Mac & Windows users:

Windows users: full details on how to upload & share your own photos here on this website.

Mac Users: Full details on how to upload directly from iPhoto to this Gallery.


Page Counter
You can add a page counter to your personal web site
See for details.
Be sure to paste it into the html source code, not your web page "Layout Mode".

DHCounter<- Here is the page counter

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