The run started for me on Thursday. I was to meet Partsman off the 91 Freeway and go out to High Desert together. He finally showed up and after a little CB work, away we went. We got into Barstow and picked up another CB since the new one he bought wouldn’t work. After grabbing some dinner, we went on out to the campsite and found Zookeeper and Lynn. This year we stayed on the other side of the registration booth. No campfire that night and to bed fairly early.

Friday everyone started drifting in. Iceman and Wayne; Cutri, Patty and Paul; One Eyed Jack and Sandy (and 2/3); new member Vic and his stepdaughter Jennifer; Jason and his friend Brandy in Jason’s new(old ?) flat fender followed by Fearless and Rhonda; Kingfish, Grandpa and Kingfish’s friend Su; Tater and Kathy; JJ and Joan; Gasman and Mary; and Footloose and Buzzard Bait. The horseshoe court was set up and a little practice was used to figure the right distance since Partsman had lost his directions on how far the stakes should be apart. When Fearless arrived, and claimed he knew the right distance, it turned out it was right on the money. A card game was launched as well as some water balloons. The card game was marred by a Zima fight with the wrong person getting Zima’ed (the Rooster). The balloon launch was marred by the launchers getting mooned (Partsman). Also, Fearless’es Excedren took a little swim in the Outhouse. You ask “How did they get there?”; well, they were inside Rhonda’s blouse. You ask “How did they get there?”; well, we’re not quite sure. Don’t even ask how they were rescued (but they were). The fire was kind of quiet that night (for Roughwheelers) as if in anticipation of things to come.

Saturday was the day for the runs. The club as a whole decided to do the Achy Breaky run and lined up early to be in front of the line. The Roostermobile acted up again and lost his place in line and ended up at the rear behind 78 vehicles. Due to a series of unfortunate events (including a very, very minor tow by Ray Leuschner, and being just a little bit lost) I reached camp slightly before the rest of the group. Alright, so it was three hours. Another card game was started, but this time I decided not to wear the sunglasses that everyone was watching my cards in the day before. Before dinner we pitched some horseshoes, and the champ is still the champ. That evening they served the Bar-B-Que. It was really good and we had some fun fooling with people in the line. The whole time I was there, I wasn’t able to get anyone to cash my million dollar bill, even though I tried to buy everything including raffle tickets with it. After dinner, we had a good fire talking about Snipe hunting and kissing people when they stink. I know, I know, that isn’t exactly what we were saying, but sometimes people with at least a little class read this newsletter. Sometime that night Tater managed to do major damage to his nose.

Now I know there was all kinds of talk about different accident scenarios, but the word I got was that he had already taken his eyes off and when he took his nose off to go to bed, he dropped it and not being able to see, he stepped on it.

Sunday was game day and the Roughwheelers were determined to repeat the triumphs of other years at High Desert. Zookeeper, Footloose, Partsman, Fearless, One Eyed Jack, Kingfish, Vic S, Cutri (who may be getting a new handle that has to do with radiators), Rhonda, Lynn, and Patti were in a competitive frenzy. Tater was determined to erase the stain on his record by conquering the Potato Stab race (which is the only way he will ever get ride of that name since that is how he got that name). Everybody else was ready to support them by screaming meaningless encouragement’s at them when they couldn’t hear or see due to the noise and dust. It is unfortunate that the Ace Driver award may go to a brand new member since Vic apparently ran over One Eyed Jack’s foot although it seems that One Eyed Jack was directing him. When the smoke (or dust?) cleared, we had some winners and some losers. Zookeeper, Lynn and Partsman won big time. Even the Roostermobile won a prize by going backwards. Unfortunately, Tater is Tater for another year until he learns to put his Tatermobile in four wheel drive when he starts out. Then, back to camp for another card game before the raffle. I was losing badly, but fortunately I was able to do some very effective whining and crying toward the end of the game to get back some of it. When we first got back, Cutri stunned (?) us all with another trashed radiator. Seems his motor mount bolts backed out and the engine moved enough to cut the lower hose and put a few dings in the radiator. Of course it was Patti’s fault, since she was driving it and noticed the engine heating up. The raffle was a major disappointment mainly because I didn’t win anything, but Paul won a couple of times, Zookeeper won once and Fearless won a half set of tires (unfortunately, they were not Yo Mama tires). During the raffle, the Roughwheelers were sitting in the back acting like their usual unruly selves (we’re not allowed to sit in the front because of our behavior), but Rhonda happened to add a new dimension to unruliness with Papaya Pills. I wish I could explain the wonderful effect they have on you, but words fail me. After the raffle we went back and started our last fire. Lots of fun — 1 M80, puppy jokes, and papaya practice.

Monday was time to pack it up to go. Cutri (Mr Rad?) with a skill born of practice, was able to epoxy the radiator and move the engine back where it belonged, so it was drivable. We were on the road around 9:30AM and with little holiday traffic and one quick gas stop were able to zip right home through a few quick drops of rain. I call it a good trip.


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