Roughwheelers Vehicle Check 4/10/2021 @ The Snoops House

                                                   TRW ANNUAL VEHICLE CHECK

What an awesome turnout for our TRW Vehicle Check. We had a total of ELEVEN vehicles, including at least 4 guests! In TRW tradition there was lots of comments on a lot of undercarriage’s, mostly fun stuff! Great camaraderie with all, fanatic hot dogs & hamburgers supplied by the Snoops & deliciously prepared by Snoopette. Many delicious side dishes were brought, making this a very worthy event. All 11 vehicles were inspected & as far as I know there was something a-miss on  everyone’s vehicle> Some had a looong list others had 1 or 2! Was great that we had a chance to talk with prospective members & take a look at their vehicles. This is what our club is really all about, having fun & enjoying each others company. Looking forward to many more such events. Hope all who attended enjoyed the friendship!

Dave & Toni

            This is the Vehicle check form we use & you can see what’s been checked
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