Trip Reports 1993-2005

Yeah, the Roughwheelers take some trips. We usually get out every month. Here’s some of what happened. See the Member Sites for more photos, etc. I guarantee you, we are an ACTIVE 4×4 club, even if we don’t update the website for years at a time!

2005 Jan Feb
March April May
June July Aug
Sept Oct Nov
2004 Jan Superstition Mtns Feb Snow Run
March Dumont Dunes April Calico May
June July Aug
Sept Oct Johnson Valley Nov
2003 Jan South Anza Feb Snow Run
March Calico April Guzzlers May Panamint
June Los Coyotes July Vacation Rubicon
Aug Sept Oct
Nov Dec
2002 Jan South Anza Feb Snow Run
Molina Ghost Run (& Calico) Mar & Mar Dumont Dunes) Apr Stoddard Wells/ Calico
May Panamint Valley Jun Vech Check June
July Aug Sept
Oct Nov Dec party
2001 Jan Mojave Road Photos History Feb Snow Run – Jawbone Canyon Road. Photos & Photos
Feb Johnson Valley Rock Crawling Championship March Dumont Dunes
photos & more
apr Guzzlers East Mojave
may High Desert Roundup June Silverwood Lake to Deep Creek July Sherman Jeep Trail
renegade run aug (vacation run) sept
oct & run planning nov dec party!
South Anza Borrego Snow run * photos Dumont Dunes *photos
Dumont Dunes 2 Calico High Desert Round Up
Los Coyotes Pismo Vehicle Check
Ord Mountains Mapping Run Oregon Dunes Shaver Lake 1 & Shaver Lake2
Big Bear. & Big Bear Sunday Run Planning BBQ So San Diego; Corral Canyon
Thanksgiving Toys For Tots Xmas Party
Glamis * photos Fargo/Rockhouse Canyon Snow Run * photos
Dumont Dunes Moose Anderson Days (Jawbone) Guzzlers
Chick Run High Desert Roundup Keysville Climb * photos
Pismo Big Bear Vehicle Check
Rubicon * photos Johnson Valley * photos Calico * photos
Thanksgiving * photos Xmas party
Pinkham Canyon * photos Anza * Photos Calico * photos
Dumont Dunes Hi-Desert Round up * photos Big Bear
Pismo * photos Monache Meadows * photos Rubicon Vacation * photos
Last Chance Johnson Valley * photos Thanksgiving * photos
Xmas Party * photos
1997 Junkyard Wash
Last Chance Canyon (1997) Calico (March 97) Guzzlers April
High Desert Round-Up (May 97) Dumont Dunes (June) Pismo Dunes (July 97)
Monache Meadows (Aug) Cupcake’s Story Monache Meadows; Casper’s Story Santiago Canyon (Sept )
Vehicle Check at Tehachapi (Sept 97) Dusey/Earshim Trail 97
Fargo Canyon (Oct 97) * Rooster’s version Thanksgiving at Anza Borrego (97)
Toys for Tots Parade (Dec 97)
1996 Fargo & Rockhouse Canyons 1996 Johnson Valley 1996 Calico Canyon
1996 Pismo Dunes 1996 Lockwood Creek 1996 Junkyard Wash
Thanksgiving 96 1996 XMAS Party
Snow run Calico Canyon * Rantings
1995 Hi-Desert Roundup Johnson Valley Big Bear
Ershim/Coyote Lake Vacation 95 Pismo
Santiago 1995 Thanksgiving 1995 Xmas party
1994 1994 Calico Canyon 1994 Santiago
Hi Desert Roundup Dumont Dunes 94 Pismo
Xmas Party 94
Pismo 1993
(as told by Rooster’s Bronco)
Vacation 93
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